How to sleep on deck

Date: 13.01.2024
Position: Bocas del Toro, Panama
Etmal: 0 nm
Total: 6325 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Female students at Ocean College


Here in the Carribbean we experience daytime temperatures around 30-35 degrees and nighttime temperatures around 25 degrees. Consequently, everyone is constantly sweating and exhausted due to the heat. In our cabins, the heat lingers and the air quality is poor because we lack air conditioning and daily showers are not feasible. Consequently, breathing and sleeping become challenging.

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Sleeping outside, boys and girls

Almost everyone took the opportunity to sleep outside in recent days when we were at anchor. Sleeping on deck is only permitted in a harbor or at anchor. As you know, sleeping in different cabins, especially between boys and girls, is prohibited. Consequently, sleeping next to a boy on deck is not allowed. After much discussion with the teachers, we agreed that girls can sleep on the main deck and boys on the poop deck, alternating the next day.

Hammocks or inflatable mattresses, blankets or sleeping bags

Various options are available for sleeping on deck. Most people opt for hammocks with sleeping bags, although it can be uncomfortable as you can only sleep on your back. Some choose inflatable mattresses for greater comfort, allowing them to sleep on their stomach.

However, many people use sleeping bags because they are versatile, serving as a blanket, mattress, or a traditional sleeping bag. They provide sufficient warmth without being too hot.

Poop deck, beanbags, mizzen light

The poop deck is special, presenting both pros and cons for a comfortable sleepover. On one hand, there are three popular beanbags, offering comfort without the need for an inflatable mattress. On the other hand, the mizzen toplight is bright, making it nearly impossible to sleep without a sleeping mask.

Girls joking around

I asked some people where they prefer to sleep on deck.


I prefer the main deck because the mizzen toplight, used as our anchor light, is less bright, allowing for better sleep. On the main deck, I usually sleep next to the benches on my inflatable mattress on the floor. My setup is the same on the poop deck; I sleep in the back next to the freezer, where it’s quiet, and I can still talk to friends.


I prefer the beanbags on the poop deck for the „lazy way.“ It’s easy to grab a beanbag, put my stuff on it, and I’m ready to sleep. Sleeping together on a beanbag allows for long talks in the evening. Greetings to the girls!


The best place for me is on the main deck. There, I can hang my hammock under the sunsail without disturbances from light or the autopilot alarm.


I like to sleep on the main deck for its comfort and cooler temperature compared to the cabin. The absence of a bright anchor light and silence make it preferable. On the poop deck, it’s dirtier due to salt, but on the main deck, we can easily clean the wooden floor. I choose the main deck on portside next to the project leader’s cabin for some shade in the morning, privacy, and a perfect fit for my inflatable mattress. Sleeping on deck is enjoyable, especially considering the poor ventilation and bad odor in my cabin (Cabin 9 in the hallway). On the poop deck, I always sleep next to the bench on portside for quietness and the opportunity to chat a bit, as Kris mentioned.

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