How to write a daily report

Datum: 04.04.2024
Nautische Position: 38.32‘1 N 031.07‘8 W
Geographische Position: North Atlantik
Etmal: 165nm
Total: 10648nm

We write the reports to inform you out there what we are doing or interesting things about the ship, sail handling and a lot more. We are also writing them that you know that everything is ok and that all of us are fine.

First of all you need to decide about what you want to write and now after more than 150 days there are not really much toppings left. That’s why I’m writing about it because most of the students are struggling. Not with the daily report itself but to decide what they want to write about.

We have a strict system how the reports have to be and what should be in them. But it is more optional if you are not doing it because of the grade. Sometimes we need funny daily reports because they are way more fun to write and I think funnier to read.

These reports are more for us because they describe how we saw the journey and we write about our adventures. We write them to have memories for each single day and collect them in our board book. All in all a daily report is really easy to write when you are not at sea, especially if you see new countries and so on. But at sea is not happening really much to write about. That’s why we don’t really write about the day but about every topping you can imagine to entertain you at home or to advertise Ocean College.

The Day

The day was a normal day at sea. The swell got a bit higher from hour to hour and the wind speed increased. So the day was a little rough but nothing we are not already used to. We are heading straight to the Azores with very good speed and are probably arriving on Sunday. From day to day more mugs get broken and more sups get spilled but we are all in a good mood and are happy to arrive on the Azores shortly.

P.S.: Hallo Papa, ich glaube mich richtig zu erinnern, dass Du dieses Wochenende auf der Rennstrecke bist. Ich wünsche Dir viel Erfolg und Spaß für den Beginn der Saison. Du schaffst das. Hab‘ Dich lieb und bis bald ~Lotti

P.P.S.: Lieber Joni, ich bin mir nicht ganz sicher, wann Deine Prüfungen sind, aber wie ich mich erinnern kann, müssten sie demnächst sein. Ich wünsche Dir ganz viel Erfolg und drücke die Daumen! Hab‘ dich lieb:) Ich vermisse euch alle und freue mich, euch bald wiederzusehen. ~Marie

P.S.: Wie wäre es mit Nutella, um der Reise einen wunderschönen Abschied zu geben??? ~Anonym

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