It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Date: 02.12.2023
Geographical Position: 24°58.6’N 018°10.1’W
Etmal: 155
Total: 2071

Decoration for Christmas

Yesterday we started decorating for Christmas. One crew member had the idea to start with the messroom.

The decoration in there looks very beautiful; we have Christmas lights, lametta, and Christmas balls. All the colors are reminding me of Christmas.

The Christmas lights have something American, but that’s cool. After that, some kids had started decorating their cabins, for example, cabins 7 and 8.

I would say that cabin 7 has the best Christmas decoration, and they have Joshi the elf as the most important part of the Christmas decoration in this cabin.

But the most beautiful place under the deck is the ice cream hallway. It’s a small hallway with three cabins. There are Christmas lights, but not like in the messroom; there are many more of them hanging around. This hallway is shining very brightly and looks cozy.

The crew is also very excited for Christmas, so some of them are wearing Christmas hats. I also bought some Christmas stuff in the last harbor.

The Christmas atmosphere is here.

We already baked some Christmas cookies, and the music has also changed to Christmas music.

But it’s a little bit weird for us because it doesn’t feel like Christmas since we’re having almost 30°C every day. On some days it is over 30°C, so it is definitely not like in Germany. We are all wearing shorts and a short T-shirt. It is so hot, and I have not been in a hot region in the wintertime before.

So it is even more awkward. And it is funny because we also have planned a lot of Christmas baking, but I am not sure if our cook will survive this stress.

We are also making Christmas music every afternoon, and that is the perfect end for the day.

First Advent, elves and Advent calendars

The best thing is that tomorrow is the first Advent; I think this will be very funny. Another thing is that the galley crew is turning into Christmas elves.

Everybody is excited about their Advent calendars; there are many kinds of those. Some have Advent calendars with chocolate, and some with letters from home, so it’s every day like being at home with your loved ones. As the weather turns warmer, so do our hearts.

Christmas counter: 19

Lasse: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Mama, habe Dich lieb!

Julius: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Papa 🥳🎂, hab‘ Dich lieb!

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