It’s the little things

Datum: 27.02.2024
Geographische Position: 24°14.1′ N 081°41.9′ W
Etmal: 135 nm
Total: 7561 nm
Schiff: Regina Maris

We have lived on this ship for quite a while now and a lot of our habits from home have changed. As we all come from different homes, we’re used to live under different circumstances and have diverse ways of doing things when living together.

Since this ship is filled with many people from different age groups, it’s the little things that everybody does differently. For me, the little things are what bother me most in my daily routine. For example, we have a plastic box on our breakfast cabinet which is always filled with cocoa powder. A while ago someone filled this box with baking cocoa powder which tastes quite disgusting in normal cocoa.

Today, I went around and asked some people this question: What little thing on this ship bothers you the most?

The thing that bothers me the most is…

… that every morning people go showering in the showers with the toilets and not the single showers so the toilets are never free. ~ Andrea

… that the cabinets under the sink in our cabins never close completely and when a wave comes, they close with a loud clasp. ~ Lilia

… that the box for our finished dishes has an extra box for cutlery to collect but people always put their cutlery with their plates in the big box. ~ Darja

… that we always buy new pegs but they disappear before we can even use them to hang up our laundry on the poop deck and they never show up again. ~ Isabel

… that when it rains, the watch closes the hatches to our cabins, but after the rain not opens, so we have to get up out of our warm bed and go on deck to open them. ~ Leni

Schülerinnen sitzen in der Messe.

… that everybody always empties the milk from the breakfast cabinet but never gets new milk from the dry store, so there’s never milk left for my coffee. ~ Joshi (our coffee lover)

… that when I lie in bed and the hatch is open that I hear everything, even Ben teaching math lessons outside. ~ Mattis

… that after a deep clean, our beloved Henry (vacuum cleaner) always lies directly in the smallest passageway in front of the galley. ~ Luisa

… that every time I walk under the sun sail, the nets with fruits inside hang so low I always bump my head on a pineapple or papaya. ~ Ben

After a whole day of asking what things bother the people on this ship, I can say it’s the little things that bother us the most when we wake up in the morning and when we go to bed at night.

And no matter how perfect life on the Regina Maris is, people will always be bothered by something in their daily routine.

What happened today

My day started with Bravo night watch from 01:00 to 05:00. Then I slept till lunch. Afterwards we had our student meeting and other announcements.

After that there was the pathway presentation of Onno about „Lobbyismus“. In the afternoon school, we prepared little presentations about the history of Cuba. For dinner today, there was delicious Schnitzel with leftovers from the last days.

Schülerinnen stehen auf dem Vordeck und schauen auf den Horizont.


Anna: Ich grüße meine Familie, Freunde und ganz besonders mein kleines Schnitzelchen. Hab‘ euch alle lieb!

Andrea: Genießt die Nordlichter im hohen Norden 😉

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