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Merry Christmas

Date: 25.12.2018
Author: Elisa
Position: Willemstad, Curaçao 
Geographische Position:  12°06,5 N, 68°56,0 W
Etmal: 0 NM (total: 5884 NM)

What happened over night? Where did all our christmas presents from under our christmas tree disappear to? Was it dear Santa Claus who took them? These were the questions every one carried with them while eating egg and bacon burgers for breakfast. But we didn‘t have to wait long for the answer. While hearing the song „Santa Claus is coming to town“ we spotted Santa on his motorised water sled coming closer with high speed!

And of course he had a big full bag with him. Every crew member was called out by him and had to sit next to him. With his loud voice he talked about their good behaviour but also their sins and then he decided if the person deserved his present – everyone did. You need to imagine the atmosphere when 45 excited and curious people open their presents at the same time. Many of the crew members had tears because of their presents. They were so creative: Self made necklaces and bracelets, a self made compass, a box full of shared memories, small self created books, a „Du Bist Wunderbar Glas“ and compliment cards.

Over the whole town people could then hear our chanty singing while carrying the picknick tables from a restaurant to the Pelican because we all wanted to be able to eat together on Christmas. The delicious smell that came out of the galley and filled the air in and around the ship motivated us to help preparing the food and decorate the tables.

Electric candles and ropes were put on top of the blue bed sheets, that were used as table cloths. The late lunch/the early dinner was delicious and very graceful. The crew served us and we even had a small salad as a starter and a very tasteful apple crumble for desert. To prevent anyone to get bored we played the game where we had to guess the person that was standing on the paper that was sticking to our foreheads. I was on a table with two Angela Merkels, Donald Duck, Spongebob, Lili Fee, Johny Depp and Legolas. 

Singing our chanties so loud that cars stoped besides us, pulled down their windows and started videoing, we carried the tables back to the restaurant after giving our cook a never ending applause. We were allowed to stay ashore and so we were heading for an ice cream. Back on the ship some of us played a game called „psychologist“ which was really fun. One after another went to bed and fell a sleep still having the smile of an unforgettable Christmas day on their faces.

Dear Salomon, Ruben, Julian and Mum and Dad
Thank you sooo much for your lovely letters and the excellently painted picture of the Pelican. Everything is now hanging besides my bed so I can always see it! While you were skiing today and drinking tea and hot chocolates, I met Santa Claus who brought me a present and I ate an ice cream while only wearing shorts and t-shirt. As you see, I had a very different and very special Christmas. I hope you had a nice Christmas day too. Take care and don‘t run over anybody on the slopes (that also counts for Eliza and Lex 😉 ) 
yours Elisa
Also special Christmas greetings to Family Kappeler und Kaiser. 

P.S.: Nele: Ich wünsche meinem Papa einen wunderschönen Geburtstag mit der Familie. Weihe dein neues Lebensjahr, wie unser neues Haus angemessen ein und fühl dich gedrückt! Alles Liebe, Deine Nele.

P.P.S.: Helena: Ganz liebe Grüße an meine Familie, die zur Zeit größtenteils in München versammelt ist. Ich wünsche euch noch schöne Weihnachtsfeiertage und hab euch alle ganz fest lieb.

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