Our hike to Sintras national park

Date: 24th November 2023
Position: Lisbon
Geographic position: 38°40.9’N 9°12.9’W
Etmal: 0
Total: 1151
Ship: Pelican of London

The day started with an exclusive breakfast, as we had avocados in addition to the normal variety. Afterward, we had our daily morning meeting, where the crew provided information about the electric problems on board. The main concerns were the generators and the air conditioning. Despite our slight disappointment, they seemed dedicated to constant organizational efforts and repairs.

Then the teachers informed us spontaneously that we would be going on a hike to Sintra’s national park in only ten minutes. Since most of us were still in our pajamas, we got a little stressed. So we all rushed down into our cabins and got ready, which was a real challenge with 6 people and so little space.

We first took the bus and then the train, which together took us one hour. We walked through the little village until we reached the hiking path. The way up was beautiful but pretty exhausting, taking us about one more hour. It led us past little waterfalls and palm trees, allowing us to imagine what it will be like during the next few months in the Caribbean. Despite everyone feeling a little relieved to have a break, we organized the groups for our castle visit.

The castle was beautiful, even though we had to share it with a lot of other tourists. One tower was fully covered in tiles with little designs drawn onto them. The whole feeling inside made you realize it was a place built to actually live in and not just for show. Everyone looked happy but pretty tired on the way back and some even slept on the train for a bit.

After dinner, we had pink muffins as dessert, which tasted amazing. Now that the day has come to an end, the ship gets increasingly quiet. Some sit on the foredeck curled into their blankets, others are working on their pathway presentations in the messroom and some are even going to bed to get some rest after this day full of activities.

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