Packing for Costa Rica!

Schiff: Pelican of London
Datum: 25.01.2024
Nautische Position: 18°04,8‘N 063°05,6‘W
Etmal: 0 nm
Total: 5089 nm

Today we have to pack all our stuff because we will now fly to Costa Rica. Nothing can stay in the cabins, even the pictures from the walls have to disappear. This sounds easy but actually it’s a big challenge. Because, where should all the stuff stay, when not in the cabin? It’s a big chaos in the cabins. Everywhere lays everything – from underwear to school stuff. Also the green mile is covered with bags, trash and ownerless things.

Because there can’t be six people packing in one cabin at the same time, the even bunks are packing before lunch and the odd bunks in the afternoon. Even though it’s still very full in the cabins.

Some people started packing yesterday, which is very smart because now it should be less stressful today for them and also for everybody else.

A good thing about the packing is, that we find things we missed for a long time. Many people (including me) found their blue Ocean College bracelet with the telephone number which is very good because we are not allowed to leave without it.

What should we take with us?

Yesterday we had a meeting where we were told what we shouldn’t forget. We don’t have much space for many things, just our 60l backpack and a small daybag. But because of the flight we don’t take our tents with us, we just use the tents of the Regina Maris if necessary. Big thanks to them for that opportunity. Of course we need lots of clothes, so everyone is thankful for every sock they find. Shoes are also a problem. We all agree, that crocs are very important, so we take them with us. Then we also need some more proper shoes, we can choose between tracking boots or Gummistiefel.


Yesterday we made a plan for the laundry machine and the tumble dryer so that every cabin can wash all their stuff. The poor laundry machine, which you can normally just use from 6am to 8pm is running 24/7 now. Some people are staying awake in the night for some hours, just to do the laundry. Also the anchor watches are organising laundry.


For packing we had to take all our bags and backpacks out of the Mainmastbildge. Some people didn’t put their things down because of fear of mold like last time. But because of this we put the stuff in trash bags this time. Sadly some of them are still moldy and now we have to clean it again. But this time it’s way better than before Morocco.

Shanty night

In the evening, after Tamsin looked in every cabin very critical, we met outside on the picnic tables and had a meeting where we were told all the important information about tomorrow. After that we had a shanty night. Everyone who wanted could sing Shantys together. It was very nice, even though we had to go to bed early because we have to get up at 05:30 tomorrow.


P.S.: Liebste Marietta und liebste Riti, ich wünsche euch alles, alles Gute zum Geburtstag. Ich hoffe, ihr hattet einen wunderschönen Tag und euch geht’s super. Ich finde es sehr schade, dass ich nicht bei euch sein kann oder zumindest persönlich Happy Birthday wünschen konnte, aber dass holen wir nach! Ich hab‘ euch sehr sehr lieb und denke, besonders heute, ganz doll an euch ❤️🎊 ~ Klara

P.P.S.: Hallo Mama und Papa, ich erkläre Packen offiziell für scheiße. Aber es hat alles besser rein gepasst als zuhause. Jetzt freu‘ ich mich aber bald in Costa Rica zu sein. Bis bald und hab‘ euch lieb. ❤️ ~ Charlotte

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