Pura Vida – Vacationfeelings

Date: 23.01.2024
Position: Jacó
Etmal: 0 nm
Total: 6325 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Since our time in Costa Rica has begun, our teachers are on vacation and enjoying their time off duty. But it’s not just them getting the feeling of relaxation. Our arrival in Costa Rica also changed for us some things, that make it feel like a holiday. 

A lot of sleep

Since our sleep on board is very scheduled and often a little bit shorter because of the watches, we now have the opportunity to catch up on some. To lay in the big beds of our hostel with fresh sheets and, exceptionally, without stuff stored next to your feet is really nice. It can definitely be said that most of us haven’t slept that much per night since our life on the Reggie started, so we all enjoy it. 

No galley duty

Usually on board we would have galley duty that is responsible for meal cooking, giving out the food and tidying up afterwards, but here we have the luxury that nobody needs to stand in the kitchen the whole day to prepare the food and clean the dishes. Especially in the first days, it was really unfamiliar to not have someone from us giving out the food. It really feels like being on vacation in a hotel. 

No cleaning needed

Not just the dishes have to be cleaned, also our rooms and our whole living space are cleaned for us. After over 90 days of daily cleaning in the watches or the big deep-cleans every week, that’s the first time since months for us to have days without touching at least one rag. 

Dinner in Costa Rica

Showering – more than three minutes every three days or less

Another nice thing we have in our hostel are the private bathrooms every room has and additionally some outdoor showers. It really makes a difference to not share showers with 45 other people.

Definitely the biggest advantage of that is that the water we use is not limited and you don’t have to fear that water restrictions are enacted exactly on your shower day. The possibility to shower whenever you want and as long as you want is something we really learned to appreciate after 3 months on board.

Also, I put forward the theory that since the beginning of the journey, we all have not been as clean as now, because of this opportunity and the amount of time we spent swimming in the pool or the ocean. 

Laundry day, but different

When already talking about cleanliness, I would say that our laundry also hasn’t been as clean as now since weeks after our laundry day here.

Yesterday we all got a bag that we could fill with our dirty clothes and the spanish school organized the washing for us. Our clothes came back today – dry, perfectly smelling, folded and without any losses (because on the Reggie something would have gone over board while hanging on the poop deck).

A big service we learned to appreciate after many stressful laundry days on board. By now, we know how hard it can be to manage to get everything washed and hung up while living your every daily life. 

Living the Costa Rican dream

Of course, we have already quite full days with surfing lessons and spanish classes, but all the time we have in between is free time and can be used by us for whatever we want.

Personally, that is the biggest reason why it feels like holiday for me. I really enjoy being able to just decide by myself what I want to do and to don’t have tasks or obligations that must be fulfilled. It is really nice to just follow your own interests whether that is exploring the city, eating ice cream, going for a swim or relaxing next to the pool.

And honestly, who wouldn’t feel like being on vacation with beautiful beaches, palm trees, fresh fruits and incredible sunsets?
Pura Vida 🙂

P.S.: Ganz liebe Grüße an meine Familie und Freunde zuhause, ganz besonders an David. Ich denke ganz doll an euch <3 Hab euch lieb und fühlt euch gedrückt !! ~⭐️

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