Sleeping on board of the Pelican

Ship: Pelican of London
Date: 11th January 2024
Nautical position: 17°30.1’N 54°28.8’W
Etmal: 163nm
Total: 4576nm

The Day

Today, the weather was rougher than the previous days, making it harder to sleep at night. This led to many people feeling a little tired throughout the day, bringing us to the topic of this report:

Sleeping on the Pelican

There are different places and times people sleep on the Pelican. The most common place is in your own bunk. But sleeping there can sometimes get quite hard because of the movement of the ship.

Another place where people sometimes sleep is the mess room. The mess room is a rarely used sleeping space because it is forbidden, but sometimes there are excuses, like finding a cockroach in your cabin in the middle of the night.

Schüler*innen sitzen in der Messe.

Another place where people have slept is on the poop deck during nightwatches, which, of course, only happens very rarely and sometimes gets disturbed by the smell of waste.

A place our teachers don’t like to see us sleeping is during their important and great lessons*. The times when you sleep are different depending on the time you have watch.

How good the sleep on the Pelican can also differ depending on the person. That’s why I asked a few people to describe their sleep life onboard of the Pelican:

Paulina: Too hot and sweaty, bouncy and interrupted but overall comfortable.

Leah: Neck pain, too hot and sweaty, interrupted.

Gregor: Sweaty 🥵, interrupted, tight, cozy.

Sophie: Cramps, neck pain, discomfort, not enough, hot, bed too cramped.

Philipp: Also sweaty, depending on the heel I stand in my bed or my head’s downhill (this really only happened in the last Biskay though).

Noé: I can’t even stretch my legs, I am taller than my bed’s length… my back is becoming the Niagara Falls, the ventilators are the biggest trash.

Lena: Even though it is pretty hot in our room and additionally I’ve got an odd bunk, I am sleeping pretty well.

Teresa: It is absolutely too hot to sleep; I prefer watching a film with Nele.

Today’s Haircut Reveal

Name: Ole
Haircut: Buzzcut

Why did you decide to get a new haircut?

Because it is more practical, and I don’t have to style my haircut every morning.

How do you like it?

Better than expected.

Is there anything you want to say to the people at home?

Mum, I know you are against a buzzcut, but it really doesn’t look so bad.

P.S.: Alles gute zum 11. Geburtstag, Charlotte! Fühl‘ Dich gedrückt und hab‘ einen schönen Tag! 😘 Habt ihr schon wieder Schule? Sind die Ferien schon vorbei? Hab‘ den Überblick verloren. Wir haben es sehr warm und viele haben Sonnenbrand. Viele Grüße an euch alle, ~ Julius

P.P.S: Grüße vom Atlantik, hier ist wirklich nur Wasser. Und süße Wale und Schildkröten. Das nehm‘ ich als Entschuldigung dafür, dass ihr ohne mich Ski fahrt. ~ Karoline

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