The music of the Reggie

Date: 01.03.2024
Geographical Position: 26°04.3′ N 077°36.9′ W
Etmal: 40 nm
Total: 7871 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

In the beginning this ship, the Reggie, that we now call home, was alien to us. We didn’t know where everything was and sometimes even lost the orientation, especially at night. But now, after living on this vessel for over four months, we know this ship like the back of our hand. This shows you how we learned to distinguish all of the sounds on board and what noise is with us throughout a normal day.

At night

Silence. You know it is night. There is no sound except for the waves crashing against the ship/bow and sails flapping occasionally. No chatter rings through the messroom, the only ones awake are the people on watch. The slight movement of the ship with the waves slowly lulls you back to sleep.

In the morning

After you have been waken up you groggily open your eyes. You can already hear that the generator is on as you notice the quite humming of it through the walls. The first voices hit your ear groaning about school suppressing a yawn. As you make your way upstairs the clatter of cutlery and rummaging in the galley get louder and louder. The messroom is filled with laughter and the quite sound of music playing up on the poopdeck drifting through the window.

During the day

After breakfast it gets quieter again. The chatter subsides slowly as the first people start school. On the poopdeck a new sound is coming out of the engine room. The watermaker was switched on. The noise is similar to that of the generator, though it sounds a bit more rattling. Music is the solution to drowning out the noisy thing downstairs and killing the time. Clatter and clinking can be heard from the window of the galley, lunch is going to be served soon!

The afternoon normally is a tad louder than the morning. Now everyone, except for the sick ones, is awake. There are meetings and announcements as well as pathway presentations. People play games and fool around filling the messroom with life and laughter. Outside the other group began their lessons of the day.

A high-pitched, kind of screeching sound suddenly echoes through the whole ship, but nobody is surprised. Somebody must have switched on the autopilot. The first times this happened panic broke out among us because we thought something was broken. Now we know better than to question it.

The circle closes

After dinner is the loudest time on board. Everyone is still awake playing cards or listening to music in the messroom. In the course of the evening the room gets more and more deserted until Thomas comes and sends even the last people still hanging around to bed. The last aces are played, the last cords subside. It is silent again.

The generator and water maker as well as the autopilot are turned off again. Downstairs the last people brush their teeth before the ship is blanketed into silence again. The circle closes and repeats and it goes on and on, almost every day in our new home.

About today

After a very short stop in front of the Bahamas we lifted the anchor and started motoring, as the wind is sadly still coming from the front, at around 15:00. Except for this the day was pretty uneventful. In school we didn’t have biology but German because we still had to complete a project from two days ago.

The rest of the time we had free learning and free time in which some people made cookies. The last bit of banana bread, which is very popular, was handed out. All in all a very relaxed day on the Reggie. I hope you are going to have a similarly relaxed weekend. Until next time!

Greetings: Adrian: Noch alles Gute zum Geburtstag Mama, letzte Tage war bisschen kompliziert wegen Tagesbericht.

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