Thinking about old times…

Schiff: Pelican of London
Datum: 05.03.2024
Nautische Position: 19 ° 18‘.0 N 081 ° 23‘.3 W
Geographische Position: Grant Caiman
Etmal: 2 sm
Total: 7339 sm

About our day:

At about 11 am we started to approach our birth in George town. After a short Morning meeting and a very early lunch, we were able to go on free-shore leave. Most of us just walked around or went to the supermarket. That escalated a little tiny bit, so now we’ve got 208 packs of Ramen on board…(plus the ones we had before already).

As soon as we all got on board again we left the harbour and anchored not too far away.
Later in the evening Klara had her Pathway Presentation and afterwards we all got snickers, jajjjjjj!!!!

Ankunft Caymans

History of our Peli:

The Pelican of London used to be a Cargo Ship running from northern France to Island, after it was build in 1948. Afterwards she would be fishing in Britain for a while. Luckily Graham Nilson wo was a Navy Officer, found the ship and was able to purchase it and convert it to Pelican of London. It turned out really good and was constructed with a Arabhau rigging, which was supposed to be able to sail closer to the wind (which is debatable).

Memory’s of our Captain Chris Blake:

„I’ve been lucky enough to work on other sailing ships around the world. I’ve worked in England and also in Hongkong on a sailing ship, the Gi Fung. And then Britain gave Australia a bicentennial Birthday present for their 200 anniversary, the „Young Endevour“. I was there for the construction of the vessel and we took it out there to Australia with 12 young people from each Australia and England.

But then when we got to Australia I was out of a Job, so I went to Seattle, where I was living at the time and was gonna make Millions, by briding dogs. The Vet got most of the money though… So I had to go back to sea, and the next job I had was on a sailing board in west Australia.

It sailed up and down the west coast of Australia and was based in Free Mantil. From the Liiuwin, I went to a Japanese sail training ship. We actually converted the ship in Poland, sailed it to the coast of America and then took it to Japan, where I helped set up a sail training organisation, lived for two years and ate loads of rice (which was very nice).

From there I went to join the Endeavour Repica, which is an exact copy of captain James Cook vessel and sailed around the world twice, unfortunately the ship didn’t go very fast, so it took us 11 years, which my wife wasn’t very impressed with.

After that I set up a sail training organisation in Bermuda. It is still sailing today, taking young people from Bermuda , around Bermuda and occasionally to American and down to the Caribbean.

I have been relieving on here for the last 4-5 Years. It is a very steady ship, it is not the fastest ship, but it is quite comfortable in rough weather.“

P.S: Viele Grüße an meine Eltern und Familie. Hier ist alles immer noch super und wenn es klappt, kann ich morgen einige Briefe abschicken. Wie es gerade aussieht, kann ich wohl um meinen Geburtstag herum anrufen, ich freue mich schon!!!🎉
Hab euch lieb, eure Lou ❤️❤️

P.P.S. Liebes Schwesterherz, ich wünsche Dir alles Gute zum Geburtstag. 🎂🎁🎉 Ich hoffe, heute war ein richtig schöner Tag für dich. Kannst mir ja auf Bermuda berichten, wie es war. Ich freu mich, Dich bald wieder zu sehen. Hab‘ Dich lieb, Lotti

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