Date: 14.12.2023
Position: Atlantik
Nautical Position: 28° 54.930´N, 14°46.043`W
Etmal: 157 nm
Total: 1908 nm
Ship: Pelican of London

Weather Change

Today was the second day at sea after a long period of time. The beautiful weather we had yesterday changed over night to 30 knots of wind and 2-3 meter waves. Even though the conditions were not that great, I feel like the seasickness hasn’t hit nearly as much people than before.

Second Family

After almost two months of living together on Pelican we can say that we have found our second family. It’s not only that we live together or that we share bathrooms or the space on board. It’s about a feeling that we created over the last weeks.

We care about each other, listen to each other and we have a great time together. The fact that we can’t escape the ship, trains our social skills, such as resolution, which is UNUMGÄNGLICH on board.

Home is not always a place where you feel connected to. Home is made by people.
For myself I can say that I got to know a lot of habits from the others and also the intense AUSEINANDERSETZUNG with each other created deep connections on board. Everyone has somebody to talk to. If anyone feels sick or not ok everybody is there to help. It makes situations of seasickness, homesickness and sickness in generell easier because we know we have people that stand behind us.

We are very thankful for the opportunity of living together on Pelican as well as that we have met each other because we found our second family.


Does the Pelican feel like Home to you?

Ben: I wouldn’t describe it as my home but I got to say that it’s nice to come back to Pelican.

Charlotte: A little bit. My bunk is my save place and I like it to come back.

Eva: I think it’s really hard to describe what the Pelican is for me… somehow it feels like home but on the other side it doesn’t because five weeks isn’t that long.

Noé: Yes, the Pelican feels like home most of the time but sometimes when I miss my real Family it doesn’t.

studentes in christmas outfits

When did you start to call the Pelican Home?

Ben: I haven’t yet but maybe it will be at some point.

Charlotte: I call it home, if I am out of the ship and come back. Because it’s easier to say I come back home as I come back to the Pelican.

Eva: I never thought about that but I remember saying that we are back home when we came back to the Pelican after the two weeks in Marocco.

Noé: The first time one of the Watch Leaders said: There is our flouting home… I realized it really is and that it will be our home for the next five months.

How do you define Family and friends?

Ben: I would define them as people you really like and care about.

Charlotte: Family and friends are people who know me and with them I can talk about everything.

Eva: I would say family and friends are people who I spent a lot of time with because they know me very well and because I can trust them… the main difference between family and friends is that you are related to your family.

Noé: Family are the people I live with and love. Friends are those who I decide to spend my time with. Those people who I trust and enjoy.

Ocean College students waiting in Marokko

Have you found friends or family on board?

Ben: Yeah, I absolutely found friends here. And because friends are the family you can choose yourself I also found family here.

Charlotte: Yeah I find some friends, but in this moment I wouldn’t call them family. But maybe later.

Eva: Yes, I believe I found both in the same people. On board good friends are basically the same as family because you live with them and you don’t have your “real” family so everyone (especially you and your close friends) work together.

Noé: I absolutely found friends on board and without them the whole trip wouldn’t be that nice. Our friend-group starts to feel like family. It feels like we’re brothers and sisters who make each other laugh.


An alle die das von Zuhause sehen: Ich vermisse euch und habe euch ganz dolle lieb. ❤️~Leah

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