What to do when you are bored on a boat?

Date: 26.12.2023
Position: North Atlantic
Nautical Position: 20°56.4N, 021°52.7W
Etmal: 157 nm
Total: 2691 nm
Ship: Pelican of London

That seems like a pretty dumb question considering that we on Ocean College live on a boat and travel around the world. But still here or there, when we don’t have school, aren’t helping in the Galley or helming on watch, people tend to get bored only seeing water and not being able to go out or see something else.

And exactly this was the case in the last four days. We didn’t only recognize this in our free time but also on our watches. Seeing a ship on lookout got really rare, and we soon started a ship count which is currently at two ships in five days.

Klettern auf den Mast

Everyone has different techniques….

So what to do with your time and your boredom? First of all, our teachers and their lessons keep us busy. Today, for example, we did a big experiment with our chemistry teacher, Tobi.

We built our own small sustainable “Brennstoffzelle,” and then we had to write a protocol. It was really interesting and somehow also a honor because we were the first group of students who ever did this experiment. At the same time, we all have to finish an explanation video for biology class.

But when we’re not working on projects like these or learning school stuff from home, then we have free time, and everyone does different things. Of course, long conversations on the Poop- or Foredeck get more and more. But we also have to learn to spend time by ourselves because everyone has a different sleep schedule due to the different watches.

I, for myself, started to read a lot. And when I say a lot, I don’t mean that much, but at home I barely read anything, but since we’re sailing, I started to read every day. Others started to listen to a lot of music or write a diary.


Do you often feel bored?

Leah: Actually, it depends on the watch schedule of me and my friends. But we always find space and time to socialize. Sometimes we visit the others on watch. If I feel bored, I listen to music or go for a nap.

Jonathan: Not really, I always have a book to read or a person to talk to. The only times I feel bored are on watch, if I have lookout or it is just silent.

Klara: I never really feel bored on the ship, I enjoy doing nothing special and just lying around and reading, but on watch, that’s something different. After a few hours, especially at night, you just want to leave. I wouldn’t say it’s because of boredom, just because you have been there for so long and either want to sleep very badly or do something more interesting.

Sophie: No, I never really feel bored on board. I am always doing stuff, and I don’t really have the time to get bored. I am either sleeping, on watch, or talking to some of my favorite people. The only time I really get bored is on lookout in the middle of the night.

Ausblick auf den unendlichen Ozean

Has boredom been a problem for you, and if yes, how did you adjust?

Paulina: No, I never really feel bored because there are a lot of things on board to do. 1. You can just chill and talk with your closest people or someone else. 2. You can listen to music or read, and when you have nothing to read anymore, there is always someone who has a book for you. 3. You can write letters or a diary. 4. Help on deck or learn stuff for your levels. 5. You also can organize your photos. 6. Or just use the time to sleep a bit. For me, I can say I have more the feeling that our days are too short.

Freddy: Lookout is really boring, but what I hate even more is when I am awake but my friends are still sleeping because of night watches.

Sophie: Surprisingly it hasn’t been. Especially when we’re at sea, we’re always doing stuff and you are constantly just trying to go to bed, so no, it hasn’t been a problem and I hope that it won’t be one in the future.

P.S.: Alles Gute zum 43. Geburtstag, Papa! Ich hoffe, Du hattest einen wundervollen Tag und hast dich feiern lassen. Liebe Grüße, ~ Julius

P.S.: Ihr Süßen, ich hoffe, ihr hattet super schöne weiße Weihnachten und habt mich nicht allzu sehr vermisst, Lotti (Alloisius), Philip (du Rabauke), Ralle, Shattrin, Omi, Dirki, Iris, 🪽Opi🪽, Klasse 9e, die Holzkirchner Tennis-Götter … ich vermisse euch und freue mich sehr auf euch ~ Euer Fredi

P.S.: Liebe Anna, Mama, Papa, Oma, Opa, Melina, Hanna, Vali, Isi, Haasi, Mia, ich hab‘ euch alle sehr lieb und vermisse euch sehr. Ich hoffe, ihr hattet wunderschöne Weihnachten und feiert eine krasse Silvesterparty. Danke Mama und Papa, dass ich hier sein kann, mir geht es sehr gut. ~ Lena

P.S.: Liebe Grüße an meine Family und an Lars, ich vermisse euch sehr und hoffe, ihr feiert schön an Silvester. Hab‘ euch lieb 😘🫂 ~ Eva

P.S.: Liebe Grüße an Zuhause. Ich hoffe, ihr hattet schöne Weihnachtsfeiertage und feiert ein schönes Silvester. Vermisse euch und hab‘ euch lieb 😘😘😘 ~ Leah

P.S.: Hallooo, wie geht es euch zuhause? Ist Weihnachten langweilig ohne mich 🙂☺️? Ich hoffe, es war/ist schön, mal etwas anders zu feiern mit der Familie. Mir geht es sehr gut und ich hatte schöne Weihnachten. ~ Liebe Grüße, Friedrich

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