180 days + 10 days

Date: 22.04.2024
Nautical position: 4302‘4N 02208‘5W
Geographical position: North Atlantic
Total: 12167
Etmal: 69
Ship: Pelican of London

An update of our situation

If everything went according to plan we would have arrived in Amsterdam yesterday… Now, we are still in the North Atlantic with our course set on Vigo. The wind is still at a bad angle so we will need more time to get to a place where our parents can meet us again.

Therefore, it was decided that three days will be added to our journey, additionally to the seven days we are already late. The result is that our new arrival date is now the 1st of May. What does this mean for us? Some people are very, very happy about the three days more they can spend with their friends here on board, but there are also people who are quite sad about this.

Glass half full

Nonetheless, we are all trying to make the best about this situation. In general we all have gotten really good at handling situations like these. In the last days we have experienced some regular daily things like galley duty or daily report and thought it would be our last time doing this.

Now, because of the three more days, we have these things again. That’s somehow weird but also funny because it feels like a second last time to, for example, write this daily report.

But after all, every changed detail turned out to be an even better adventure like our surfing trip to Morocco, the visit of Lisbon and our stay in a four star rated hotel in Panama.

We learned that having negative thoughts won’t bring you any further, so if you’re staying optimistic you can experience exciting things because in the end everything will turn out well.

Schüler*innen stehen auf Wache.

P.S.: Hey, hallo Mama und Papa, ich freue mich schon riesig, in sieben Tagen bei euch zu sein, bis dann L.G Karl

P.P.S.: Hallo, wir sind jetzt kurz vor Vigo, ich freue mich schon, euch wieder zu sehen. Grüßt noch Quintus von mir! Liebe Grüße, Friedrich

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