90 Days – it’s time for a halftime interview

Date: 19.01.2024
Position: Jacó
Etmal: 0 nm
Total: 6325 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Our Ocean College voyage started exactly 90 days ago. So halftime passed, halftime is still ahead of us.
Now we have less days at sea than we already had. Most of us don’t like this fact. But let’s see what we think about some situations:

Best experience:

Leni: My best experience so far is the sleep over on the island in the caribbean. That was just incredible.

Adrian, Lasse: It is hard to decide. There are many good experiences. So to sum up the last three months are the best.

Jule: To be honest: Everything. But when I have to chose one experience it would be the San Blas islands. This was a completly different experience. The people were so nice and open hearted. Just a magical experience.

Lizzy: It is really difficult. For me the best experience was when we saw the dolphins in the northsea. Even though it was bloody cold, almost everyone was standing outside and was watching the dolphins jumping out of the water.

Jane: For me the best experience was the San Blas islands. These days were just different. And since we are in Jacó, the next best is surfing. Waking up in the morning and just putting on you’re swimsuit and walking to the beach. I love days like that.

Worst experience:

Adrian: There is no worse experience.

Lasse: The last three months…😂 No I’m just kidding. There is like Adrian said no bad experience.

Jule: When I was sick during the trip from Roscoff to Tenerife. Because I was just laying in my bed feverish all day. And I didn’t really get to know what was happening outside my cabin. That felt like shit…

Lizzy: It sounds not like a big deal, but my first and last time of puking due to seasickness. That was horrible for me.

Jane: The fight against the seasickness. It was just cold, cold, and cold. And to add it was just wet and you could barely move yourself.

What do you still want to experience:

Adrian: Oh, let me think for a second. I really want to see some whales. That would be nice and make this voyage even more to the best time of my life.

Lasse: I don’t want to decide. The next three months.

Jule: For me there is no „that experience I want“. I just want to experience the next stops and definitely more sailing. I already miss the waves and the Reggie.

Jane: Like some people already said, just the rest of the voyage.

How do you feel about 90 days on bord?

Adrian: There is just one word coming into my mind: nice!

Lasse: Mindblowing…

Girls surfing at Ocean College

Jule: The Regina Maris is already like a home for me. I feel pretty good. I cannot believe it’s already been 90 days.

Lizzy: Mood swing do kick in at some time. But overall I’m at a constant high.

Jane: I’m just speechless…

What are your thoughts about being back home in more or less than 90 days?

Adrian: Okay, now I’m overwhelmed. But what I can say, it’s gonna be interesting. Let’s see what’s happening.

Lasse: I don’t want to think about it right now. Please just leave me in my peace and let me enjoy the time right now.

Jule: Just weird feelings and thoughts. On the one hand I’m excited to see all my friends and family again. But on the other hand I don’t want to leave the life I have at the moment.

Lizzy: These thoughts are f*ck*ng crazy. I don’t know what to think about… When I get home I will be thrown back into my daily life. I cannot imagine that in this moment.

Jane: I will be sad that the adventure is over. But happy to be home again and see all my friends and family in person and not just through the screen.

Girl dancing at the beach
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