Caribbean Supermarkets

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Datum: 19.01.2024
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Enjoying the Comfort

When I woke up this morning, I realized that this was the first time in quite a while that I could sleep in. At ten am, we had a great improvised breakfast with baguettes, pain au chocolat and bananas. As this was our day to relax, we stayed in the hotel until the afternoon to sleep some more, watch a movie, or swim in the surprisingly cold pool. In the afternoon, we had the opportunity to visit the shops in the city. Lots of people went to the supermarket to get new snacks.

Schülerin trägt eine Essenslieferung

Supermarkets around the World

Personally, I enjoy visiting the local supermarkets. Worldwide, supermarkets cater to the needs of the people living in their region. Even though they should be very similar, supermarkets in different countries appear to have different atmospheres.

In the Caribbean, there are lots of small supermarkets, mostly providing cold drinks, lots of alcohol, cigarettes, and tins & cans. Products from popular brands are extremely expensive, for normal people definitely not an option for everyday life.

Supermarkets on St. Martin

On the island, there exist luckily various supermarkets to restock our provisions. In the small supermarket near the harbor, the „Waterfront Supermarket,“ we discovered delicious cheap ice cream which reminds us of milk slush ice.

Also, as in every country around the world except Germany, you can buy „Marie-Kekse,“ basic digestives that are nothing special but always reliable. In addition, the coconut water, filled in cans, tastes so differently compared to what you can buy in Germany.

Yesterday, we bought a fresh coconut and opened it back on the ship. What I also like about the island is the fact that it’s quite easy to spot a couple of coins on the ground whilst walking from one shop to another.

Grocery Shopping

But only in the biggest supermarket, the „Super-U,“ everyone found what they were looking for as it was the cheapest one and the one with the most product variety. Unfortunately, this one lost its island authenticity due to its size and French character.

As we live in a hotel where some rooms have small kitchenettes, lots of people decided to buy some actual groceries, not just the usual snacks, to cook some noodles or make toast with cheese. My group decided to bake some pancakes with cream cheese and jam. After having pizza as dinner, they were a great dessert.

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