A day on the Atlantic

Date: 20th of March, 2024
Geographical Position: 35°00.3′ N 046°19.6′ W
Etmal: 190 nm
Total: 9683 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Walking down the stairs backwards. Being on the toilet while the lid is falling on your back. Always looking from what direction the wind is coming from so you can throw your organic waste in the right direction and have it not land in your face. Welcome aboard the Regina Maris!

The morning fish

My day started as soon as people from the previous watch woke me up. If you think they do that gently, I have to disappoint you. One time a dead fish was the first thing with what my day started. With that, I don’t mean that I just saw it while they were holding it in front of me – no, I wish. They quite literally threw it into my face! The best way to start your day, I would say! 🙂

Ein Schüler hält einen fliegenden Fisch in der Hand.

Best watch – Charlie watch

In the four hours of the watch we talked about the star constellations until the sunrise, making jokes about something that happened the day before and steering to Canada sometimes instead of Germany… But don’t worry, we will not land in Canada even though I really would like to see this place at some point in my lifetime.

Because I am on the Charlie watch at the moment, our watch has the most exercises and we always have something to do. At least that is what we are saying when somebody wants to give us another exercise.

Lecture of life for our hobby experts

After watch and lunch, school started for me. For class, it is always a challenge when you write on an iPad as it will always fly off the table first. But not only our school stuff flies off the tables, it has occurred more than once that our cups filled with water fell from the tables because some ‘hobby experts’ left them there.

Lecture of life for them: Always have a look at your cup or your food and this not just because they will land in the lost and found otherwise.

Students working on the Maindeck.

A door to another world

When you want to get out of the messroom to the main deck during a school break, for example, or just because you want to get an apple, you have to open the water-tight door. When the weather is not good, it is like opening the door to another world. Inside, people are playing cards and outside the watch is running around, setting sails while one wave after another is crashing into the ship.

Seegang Regina Maris

I will never get used to that magical feeling. Even though we have really good weather during our second crossing of the Atlantic, we also had days where we had 45 degrees. Sliding from the left to the right side or bumping into each other by accident is pretty funny.

The watertight doors of the Regina Maris.

The latest news

Everybody is now talking about the fact that the countdown starts today – one month is left. Like every day on the Atlantic, we have our regular watches and classes. We elected new student speakers in the student meeting today, which are Onno, Mattis and Adrian. We also have a birthday child which is the last one on this journey 🙂

Happy birthday Tobi, and congratulations to Onno, Mattis, and Adrian!

Mattis and Onno, the new student speakers.

P.S.: Mascha: Hab‘ Dich lieb Sissi! Mir geht es gut Mama & Papa!

Sanch-Man (Sanja): Happy Birthday Patrick 😘💞🥳

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