Who will be what? – Change in the ships routine

Date: 21.03.2024
Nautical position: 3222’728 N 6440’824 W
Etmal: 106 nm
Total: 9152 nm
Ship: Pelican of London


After being almost five months on the Pelican it is safe to say, that more or less everyone is experienced enough to fulfill the daily tasks within the ships routine and to maintain the ships safety. Nevertheless, there was always a strict division in the tasks between being a student, a watch leader or the professional crew. Everyone had their own and important role.

But being so near the end of Ocean College, it is tradition that this system changes (even only for two weeks). Not only to give the students more responsibility over their actions, but to use their knowledge and to train their leadership abilities.

The Handover

The last two weeks will be defined by the so called Handover. In this time the students will take part in the ships daily routine as the captain, the first mate, the second mate, the bosun, the bosuns mate, the engineer, the cook as well as the medic. In preparation for that the students should inform themselves over the different tasks, which come with the several professions.

Being well informed the student is asked to applicate for one of this positions by choosing their first and their second choice, while adding a small explantation next to it. If one of them decides to become captain, they will be offered a job interview with the particular person, who is currently on this position (and the teachers).

Even though we gained a lot of knowledge these last months, we have time from Bermuda until the Azores to specialize the knowledge of our chosen profession with the particular crew member in order to maintain a high level of safety. And to reassure that our arrival date won’t be later than the 28th, when some of us is altering the course.

How is it working?

With 32 students and only eight professions it is more than obvious, that there has to be more than one student on each position. But having ten captains at the same time would also not be ideal. Therefore we split again into four Watches with eight persons each (Course, Topsail, T´Gallant, Royal), but by staying in the three watch system.

One of the watches maintain the ships daily routine for three days, while the others are having the normal watch routine. The real Officers of the watch are attending the watch, but will only interfere when the ships or a person’s safety are in danger. To support the students and to ensure, that the tasks are done properly, the watchleaders will be given the position of a safety person, who will overlook the whole situation. Therefore the watches have to select a watchleader within their watch.

Preparation time

At the moment everyone is having a thought about what position would suit them and who will be in which watch. Until today, the arrival date in Bermuda, they had the opportunity to hand in their application. The next two weeks will decide who will be what.

Are you going for a position with a lot of navigational tasks or are you more interested in preparing food for more than 40 people? No matter what they choose, it will definitely define them and their leadership skills. Having the strict sea routine these last days, this change will add a bit of an adventure to our last weeks on the Pelican.

P.S. Ganz viele liebe Grüße! Hab‘ euch lieb:) Marie

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