A fish on a hook is good for our cook

Date: 17.02.2024 
Geographical Position: 20°15.1′ N 84°12.4′ W
Etmal: 143 nm
Total: 7130 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

The beginning of great fisher careers 

The first time we got in contact with fishing was in the bay in Spain. While everyone was busy swimming our captain Michael took out the fishing equipment. At the start, we only had one fishing line out, even without a bait, later some students fixed the second one and put it up once Michel left. Our great captain promised us some really big fishes and most of us were desperate for our first big catch. 

Then, it finally happened. We could see something on the hook. But as soon as we tried to pull it in we lost it. This beast was so big it bend the steel hook.🐟 Soon, there was quite a big group of boys being very interested in fishing and always helping Michael. Some already had more experience than others but all in all everyone still was a „hobby expert“ (insider). 

After the first failed catch there was quite a long time of false alerts and catching nothing, this led to a raging Michael getting mad if anybody touches „his fishing line“ (not his). Then, finally it was time, a small yellow fin tuna was smart enough to bite into our hook. In seconds all the „hobby experts“ were gathered around Michael who pulled the fish up.

After the first catch the spirits were high, even though the tuna wasn’t really that nice due to our cook leaving it in the fridge for two days. 

On the Atlantic crossing we had three other fishes which our biggest „hobby expert“ lost as he smacked them against the poop deck every time. Afterwards it was of course Max to blame. 

Lawless times 

After Michael was gone we had Martin who wasn’t really interested in fishing but was really chilled with it. We were basically allowed to do everything about it. At anchor we had several fishing rods which two students bought from their own money but with those our luck wasn’t the best. Mostly, we caught fish that were too small, which we threw back into the sea.

Actually, the only thing we caught during that time was our own ship because our „hobby experts“ forgot to pull the fishing line in before we anchored, therefor it tangled around our propeller shaft. It gave the captain and owner Martin almost a heart attack.

Mathieu then had to dive down with a swim mask and the air compressor in his mouth to untangle the shaft. After that there was a quick end to the fishing adventures. 

New cook, new captain, new luck

After Costa Rica we had a new cook as well as a Captain: Rainer and Heine. And also fresh energy for the big pray. So, quickly our fishing group went to work. This time, two boys took the lead and worked the most at the fishing line: Max and Lasse. After the time in Costa Rica they actually transformed from „hobby experts“ to real „experts“.

And already nine days later the hard work and the waiting paid off. The first student catch, a beautiful blue fin tuna was laying on deck and immediately got filleted and prepared to be cocked by Rainer, who by the way was surprised we actually caught something and then the magic began:

Our magician Rainer prepared and cooked a masterpiece. It really was a taste experience that was worth all the hard work and made Rainer the most liked person on this ship.

Now, we were really into it and right the next day we had the second, a bit smaller tuna on the hook. This makes us wonder what are we going catch next and awaits us for dinner.

Daily recap

Today we had a sunny day at sea. We had school, where we learned a lot about Cuba and it’s history. There was good wind and good food. In the evening we watched the sixth Star Wars movie.

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