A lot happened

Date: 07.04.2024
Position: Horta, Azores
Etmal: 0 nm
Total: 10496 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Time flies by so fast

Wow, how is it possible that time flies by so fast? How has it already been half a year since we hugged our parents, siblings and friends for the last time? How is it possible that our beautiful voyage only started half a year ago? How is it possible, that it will end in two weeks?

Crazy what can happen in just six months, we experienced so much, from the incredible feeling of only seeing water for two weeks straight, to the poor people in the Cape Verde’s, the huge trees in Costa Rica, seasickness and always being around people that are just as crazy as you are.

I think, if you haven’t done the voyage yourself, it’s just impossible to understand what’s going on in our minds. No matter what you did in our life, it will always be different.

So, dear parents, siblings and friends, to prepare you for what’s gonna happen when we’re back, what stays and what doesn’t, I write this daily report.

Beide Schüler:innencrews 23/24 zusammen auf den Azoren.

What’s gonna happen when we’re back

At first, we probably wont speak a lot in the first days, we are busy getting the sleep we missed the last half year. Sleep well…

BUT after that quite something will stay:

  • And we definetly won’t make hold from new torture methods we learned from each other, like tickling and biting each other. I’m so sorry for all the siblings.
  • …on the other hand we’re gonna need a lot of love, cuddles, massages and Kraulen
  • Our language is gonna be a wild mix out of different regions of Germany, swisserland and Austria („jetzat, Funzel, sich ausrasten…“ please be patient)
  • We will also use a lot of jokes and insiders like “Fatzo”, “Festguss”, “Hobbyexperte” and a lot others.
  • Maybe we can surprise you by our opinion of several controversial topics, but we had six months of freedom to think a lot, without the Einfluss of the whole world.
  • Some of the clothing we bring won’t be ours for sure…I’ve already got some pieces in my mind.
  • Surprise, surprise, we now know how to wash your own laundry or use a toilet brush.
  • And the memory’s we gathered, we will keep forever <3
  • The biggest thing, that might have changed is our maturity . When we look back to our “Octoberself” it almost feels like a smaller sibling. To all the parents that see a young grown-up in us: We understand you now.

But some things we won’t have any more…

  • Uhm…a lot of money we lost to sweets?!
  • Sadly some of the laptops, phones, iPads and other technical equipment died because of the harsh sea. Rest in peace, we loved you.
  • On the other side the addiction to our phone is a lot less than before.
  • Also the ability to wake up by an alarm clock will be completely gone. We’ve been woken up half a year with very creative wake-up methods…
  • Our style? Let’s just not talk about it, but we lived in sweatpants and hoodies (or clothes that don’t belong to us) for six months.
  • To keep up with the clothes topic: A loooot of underwear, bedsheets and towels got lost during the journey.
  • And of course: Our old personality. It feels so crazy to look back to your past self and realise how much you’ve developed in that time <3

The Pelican

Todays crazy event actually started yesterday. Incredible news reached us: The Pelican of London, our partnership reached us. And it was clear, we will meet them, finally after several chances we missed.

Projektcrew 23/24
Projektteam Pelican of London und Regina Maris, von links nach rechts: Gregor, Tobi, Ben, Fabia, Johanna, Mats, Thomas: DANKE FÜR ALLES, ihr Raketen!!!

Today the handover, at least in the organisation position started. And what way would be better to start it than with a beloved Deep Clean!

At around 14:00 they entered the harbour under full sails! It was very cool to look at the majestic tall ship. Of course we did an obligatory group photo and we talked a lot about the similarities and differences of our voyages. We showed them our beautiful „Reggie“. It was as a crazy though to know that we could have been on the same ship.

Probably it is just because I don’t know it in another way, but I’m kind of happy to be on the Regina Maris with my friends. We ended the day with a free shore leave and a movie night. We will definitely keep this special meeting with the Pelican forever in our minds!

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