Preparing for the Handover

Schiff: Pelican of London
Datum: 06.04.2024
Nautical Position: 38°17‘7N 030°34‘5W
Geographical Position: North Atlantik
Etmal: 152 nm
Total: 10946 nm

In a few days our Handover will start, so we are all preparing for this. Because every job is different, everybody is learning stuff according to his handover job.

The different jobs

A Captain should know all the bridge work, he has to write the lookbook, plot positions and stuff like that. He also has to have a lot of knowledge about the sails and sailing, because he is the one who decides which sails we set or hand. As a Captain you also should be able to handle a lot of responsibility.

The first mate is the one who organises the most. He has to organize his watch, for example who is going to be messmen.
The second mate is responsible for the weatherforecast and the navigation. He plans the route and says how we should change it, according to the weatherforecast.

The one you will find in the engine room most of the time is the Engineer. He is for example doing the generator switches, is responsible for the watermakers and of course the engine. But he also has to unblock blocked toilets.

The bosun and the bosuns mate are working in a team, but the bosun is more responsible for sailhandling and manages what should be done and the bosuns mate does more the handcrafted stuff, repairs broken things like ropes or for example our hotwaterboiler.

Maintenance and the ships laundry are also a part of the bosunary jobs.

The cook is obviously responsible for the galley, preparing three meals a day. Our handover cooks will also have three messmen, as usual. The cooks are going to help Margo to buy our food provisioning on the Azores.

The medic is responsible for every injury that could happen. A big part of the job is checking the medicine we have on board and look if we have enough and that it’s not expired.

How do you prepare yourself for your handoverjob?

Karl (Captain): I was talking to the captain and asked him how to be a captain.

Lenka (first mate): I think, I just reviewed all of my knowledge about the ship and just asking a lot of questions. I have to prepare a meeting with everyone from my watch and at the moment I‘m just planning.

Liane (second mate): I refreshed everything I know about the navigation stuff and looked a bit over David’s shoulder to see what he‘s doing over the day.

Julius (Engineer): I ask everybody of the PC what they know about the engine room and other necessary stuff and be „a sponge and suck out information“

Friedrich (Bosun): I will go over everything that I learned in the bosunary department and learn more from the Bosuns.

Ben (Bosuns mate): If I don’t know something yet I will go to Justus or Hanna and just ask what to do 🙂

Noé (Cook): First of all I‘m very happy about becoming cook at the handover! For the preparation the cook team will do some optimized grocery shopping with Margo. As I‘m the very last one to be cook, I have a lot of time to think about what meals the others love and I can cook. Yeah that’s basically it:)

Emma (Medic): I participated in the first aid lessons and helped Claire to check our medical Instruments.

P.S.: Hallo ihr alle zuhause! Ich hab‘ heute (07.04.) eure Post bekommen! Danke dafür, ich hab‘ mich sehr gefreut ❤️ ~Karo

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