April April!

Date: 01.04.2024
Position: Horta, Azoren
Etmal: 0 nm
Total: 10496 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

„Verhaftet wegen sexy!“

The first of april, a day for jokes and pranks. Of course we couldn’t let this opportunity pass. Two weeks ago we began planning the ultimate prank. Around 06:30 in the morning we started; everyone packing the prepared lunch boxes, putting on their Musto gear and the equipment for the separate jokes. The idea was to hide along the marina, giving the teachers and crew a light scare.

The prank was separated into multiple stations, each of them with around four students. The teachers needed to absolve different tests and tricks such as a quiz about us students or shots of weird mixtures. After finishing a station they would receive a new clue towards the next group of students. Along with the directions they received an article of ridiculous clothing; bright yellow trousers, pink swimming goggles and a crochet hat.

In the end they we’re forced to our very own cat walk, which killed them. „Verhaftet wegen sexy“ – Quote from our favorite ‘sexy‘ Johanna.

Egg hunt, ship edition

Back abord, Ben announced a surprise; the Easter bunny visited us yesterday, but none of us had found any. Armed with the knowledge of chocolate being abord, the ferocious hunt began. All together the Easter bunny hid 50 eggs, yet at least ten remain due to very creative hiding spots. Some were hidden up in the mast, others outside of the Reggie in the dinghy (don’t tell anyone, there is an egg hidden behind the coffee sacks).

Death in Horta

Finishing lunch, we embarked on a gripping rallye through the city. It was organized by our to be project leaders, Stella and Darja. We were tasked with following along clue and snippets throughout the city. Most were small puzzles which forced you to sit and think. The stations ranged from a popular beach to historic sights such as the church of the angry woman and a fort. We learned a lot about the history of the city and origins. It was a lot of fun!

Not funny!

Dinner was once more delicious, we had chicken with curry and a salad with fresh tomatoes. This was followed up with a heavenly two tier chocolate cake with cream and Easter bunny biscuits. Nearing the end we heard someone calling out for the crew, who had taken the evening off to eat in a restaurant. Before we could inform whoever was calling for them, Thomas burst into the messroom, ordering on shore.

In less then two minutes everyone had abandoned the Reggie, grouping outside. Smoke was bellowing from the front of the ship. There had been a small electrical fire in the dry store. But the teachers quickly got fire extinguishers and within seconds everything was under control, even before the fire alarm started. Nobody was endangered and in the end all was well.

What a day.

Greetings: Lilia: Alles alles Gute zum Geburtstag Mami. Ich habe Dich ganz ganz dolle lieb. Freue mich schon, Dich bald zu sehen <<<333

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