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We started this journey five months ago and since then a lot of different things happened. We’ve seen so many countries, cultures and learned more about us and the world. For this daily report I wanted to do a Recap about what happened so far and how we’ve changed.

This Recap is split into two parts. The first one is about our journey and what happened. The second one is more about our personal journey and what we did.

Our journey:

What was your favourite Country so far?

Ole: Marokko.

Sophie: Costa Rica, because we had a lot of freedom and saw a lot of new things. The nature and culture was also absolutely beautiful.

Eva: For me it’s also Costa Rica because we saw many different places in Costa Rica and that’s why I have the feeling I know Costa Rica better then the other stops.

Karo & Lena: Marokko and Panama

Falki: Costa Rica.

Greta: Costa Rica, because the nature and the culture was amazing and we had two great weeks.

What was your favourite Hotel?

Karo & Lena: The Riad in Essaouira, but the Hotel in Panama was also really nice. But we have to say that every hotel was good.

Nele: I liked the hotel in Essaouira because it felt like a second home.

Wich food did you enjoyed the most?

Julius: There were many different kinds of food that I liked, but the best one was the meatball tajine in Marokko.

Luise: I learned to love pastry and backed goods, especially in less expensive countries. My favourite cake was in Havana (a chocolate cake) and a dulche de leche cake in Colón. They only cost about 0,60€!!

Karo & Lena: Binis in Marokko and rice with beans in Costa Rica!

Sophie: I really enjoyed the rice and beans, we had in Central America.

Rosi: Fresh pineapple in Costa Rica, baclava in Marokko and natas in Lissabon.

Falki: Natas.

Were did you had the biggest cultural shock?

Eva: Actually I didn’t really experience a culture shock which is probably thanks to my parents because I was able to travel a lot with them.

Charlotte: I think Marocco was mine. Everyone was on the street and they were selling all the different things to you. Everybody talked with you.

Klara: With the Bribris.

Falki: Marokko.

Karo & Lena: Marokko.

Personal journey:

How many books have you read?

Julius: I’ve read a book, that I bought at home and all the Hungergames books.

Luise: Right now I’m reading book number 16.

Eva: I’ve only read three books but I also have to say that I just don’t find time to read because I rather go climbing or do something with friends.

Phillip: I’ve read 10-15 books.

Falki: 5.

Nele: 30.

Karo & Lena: More than at home.

How many diary’s did you write?

Sophie: My plan was to fill at least one diary, I didn’t really manage that, but I wrote in my learningbook every day.

Klara: I wrote one and a half.

Falki: Zero.

Greta: I have just one because it’s really thick.

Karo & Lena: One.

What has changed about yourself with all your new experiences ?/ What did you learn about yourself?

Charlotte: My mind has changed so much and I have some new plans what I want to do at home.

Rosi: I need less sleep and I don’t feel disgusted about literally anything.

Falki: My back hurts now.

Klara: I need way less sleep then before Ocean College and I am more open to people.

Emma: I guess just being around new people and experiencing very intensive moments changed me a lot. New experiences and mistakes made me learn new behaviours and reactions to certain conditions in life.

Greta: I’ve learned so much more. I also think I grew a lot during the journey and I got more independent, which I can use at home as well.

Karo & Lena: We can stay awake at all times at day and night without falling asleep.

We’ve experienced a lot together and sometimes you forget how much we actually did. The Recap was great to really think about it. We often share the same opinions like our favourite stops…I think we all changed through this journey and it’s fun to look back and review.

But I think the most changes about ourselves we will notice when we are at our 1. Home. This has become our 2. Home and it’s an overwhelming feeling when you think about how much we experienced together as a group.

P.S.: Liebe/r Mama, Papa, Jona, Runa, Meius, Kleiner Kübel, Isabel die Gabel, Zoechen, Lina und noch all die, die ich jetzt nicht aufschreiben kann, an die ich aber trotzdem denke. Ich habe euch ganz dolle lieb und ich freue mich wirklich riesig, euch bald alle wiedersehen ❤️❤️❤️ Mir geht es sehr gut! Bis bald 🤗 ~Lenka Schlenka 🦥

P.P.S.: Mon petit Louis, eh ben plus vraiment petit maintenant, hein? Tu as 15 ans et je n’en reviens pas! Joyeux anniversaire 🎊 ! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Ich hoffe, Du hattest einen schönen Tag mit wem auch immer, ich hab‘ Dich dolle lieb ❤️ Küssle – ~Emma

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