Back to daily life

Date: 14th of March 2024
Geographical Position: 32°25.3′ N 064°11.7′ W
Etmal: 72 nm
Total: 8657 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Back to the daily life at sea

Today is the day we left Bermuda. The last four days were spent there, where we had a different schedule every day and besides sleeping and eating there was no normal rhythm.

Now we are back at sea and the traditional day-to-day life has come back. Yesterday morning we had school at 09:00. The topic was astrology, which was taught by Ben, for one half of us, while the other half had to help get the ship ready for the second Atlantic crossing.

Die Regina am Steg in St. Georges.

We have planned to sail this passage in 12 to 14 days. But this always depends on the weather. For me, the days at sea are much shorter than the ones spent laying in a harbor because everything is very routine and planned.

We left the harbor at 11:30 and went out on the ocean. After 20 minutes something really special happened. We saw whales only 100 meters away! It was the second time we saw whales, but it was still as beautiful and astonishing as the first time. And to top it all, some of us saw some again in the afternoon but, sadly, they were pretty far away this time.

Ein Schüler am Steuer der Regina Maris.

Back to the daily life at home?

Now, the last long stretch has begun and we are getting closer to home, with every mile we sail towards the day-to-day life at home, which we didn’t experience for the last six months.

We talk about that quite a lot here on board, how the daily life will be back at home and what has changed since we have been on this journey and how fast it get normal.

Schüler*innen auf Nachtwache.

I talked about that with a friend, who did the journey last year. He told me that the first week was kind of strange, with the different sleep schedule and duties suddenly awaiting you every day, but after that it was back to normality. When I think about that, I can’t really believe it.

Can it really switch that fast? I think we will see about that when we are actually back at home.


Lasse: Grüße nach Hause, denk‘ an euch 😀

Adrian: Alles Gute zum 80. Geburtstag, Oma!

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