Back to Vigo

Date: 24.04.2024
Geographical Position: Lagoon of Vigo
Nautical Position: 42° 05’2 N 009° 00’2 W
Etmal: 82 nm
Total: 12369 nm
Ship: Pelican of London

Today we finally got the news where we will go. As we didn’t have an overnight Berth in Porto just a refuelling one the captain decided that we were once again heading towards Vigo. Where we would then stay until the 27.04.24 before we head towards Bordeaux. This also meant, that our trip would now be extended by another three days. But in Bordeaux we students will have to leave the ship and head back home towards our lives filled with school and responsibility.

Apart from this our day was relatively uneventful expect for the 30 knots of wind that decided to veer in order to meet us on the nose once again. But during the last almost two weeks this constant companion has become rather irrelevant in our day to day lives as it only restricts us in our ability to do washing.

Today late at night we also arrived in Vigo but due to the OOW (Officer of Watch) not wanting to wake up the whole ship and going alongside at night we drifted around in the Lagoon of Vigo and then tomorrow we will go alongside and visit Vigo.

Cabin Wars

In the past few weeks and months we boys have had a rivalry between our cabins stir up. It started with scores on the doors, where Cabin 6 (my cabin) decided to put a laundry basket into Cabin 7. But as it was not their Laundry day Tamsin took a couple points off of their rating. This has since been repeated a couple times. Then started the shoe wars. No one knows how they started, but ever since then if you pass through the Greenmile you might see shoes flying from one Cabin to the other.

Now the last thing that happened was the water fight. It started with water guns but ended with waterbottles being poured over people and through the crack below the door leading to cabins starting to look like a small pool. This eventually led to our Engineer being rather annoyed and putting an end to the fight.

There is also the debate over which Cabin is the stinkiest and who is responsible. This only fires up the war. But general agreement is, that Cabin 7 is the stinkier Cabin. No matter who lives there or maybe because of who lives there? That remains the question. In general though Cabin 6&7 are the messiest and stinkiest Cabins which according to professional crew is always the case, when boys live in them.

And that’s also why nobody like’s to do heads and showers in our Cabins (especially 7). But with time ashore it usually all gets better so we will see what it’s like after Vigo.

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