Beach Day

Date: 13.02.2024
Position: Isla de Providencia, Columbia
Etmal: 0 nm
Total: 6602 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

The bus drive 

At 12:00 the first 20 people went with a bus with 12 seats to the beach, the drive was 20 minutes long. After the bus was back at the port the last 20 people, including me, were taken to the beach. Juhu we are there!


We went swimming a lot today at the wonderful beach. The water had the perfect temperature, the sand was really soft and it was almost white just like snow, it was really beautiful. But back to the water, there was a lot of sea grass and it was not that clear, but that doesn’t mean it was bad, we used it to our advantage and dove near another person to scare them.

The sea grass also had a function; starting a fight by throwing it at other people. Another thing we did is, jumping and doing backflips from other peoples hands. I myself did two backflips! That was so cool.

But the best thing is that some tried to do a backflip so they had to overcome a fear and I respect that very much. So all in all a perfect experience today. 

Beach time  

This beach was amazing! There was a swing hanging from a palm tree into the water. This swing is just like on the instagram posts that you are jealous of and we had it in real life! Some of us were swinging on it for two hours.

You could also chill in the hammocks and take a nap, one thing I did. I ordered me a virgin Pina colada and got myself comfortable in one of them. That was very relaxing. The virgin cocktails were also very good. 

Party time

The beach bar had a live music band for us organized so we had some traditional music and afterwards there was a rapper that rapped really good. The vibe was amazing! 

Oh no the bus is here, 20 people have to go. But the music keeps on playing and we keep on dancing, dancing, dancing.
After maybe one hour the bus was there to pick the rest of us up. Sadly we had to leave the wonderful Island called Providencia. 

P.S.: Luis: Hab‘ euch alle lieb und Geburtstage werde ich leider alle vergessen 🙂

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