Bienvenidos a Costa Rica!

Ship: Pelican of London
Date: 27th January 2024
Position: Jacó, Costa Rica
Etmal: 0 nm
Total: 5089 nm

Crossing the Border

This morning, after we all slept more or less comfortably on the bus, we awoke at the border of Panama. After a quick breakfast, it was time to take our bags and go there by foot. After checking our passports, bags, filling in a lot of forms and waiting for hours in the heat, we finally officially arrived in Costa Rica!

Bus Rides with Ocean College

We’ve had all kinds of bus rides since our journey began, but today we probably had the best and the worst one yet. Our night bus was a nightmare for most of us. We didn’t have enough space to sleep comfortably and over time it just got hotter and hotter inside. Some people even slept on the ground with their camping mattresses.

Then after all the stress with the authorities in the morning and standing around in the burning sun, our next (and last) bus was heaven for us. Comfortable seats with cupholders, air conditioning, a toilet on board and we could even watch movies. In these conditions, the last six hours of our trip ran.

We enjoyed the beautiful views of Costa Rica’s countryside (on the famous road „Panamericana“), ate lunch in a pretty restaurant and everyone put on short clothes to fit the weather.

Arriving in Jacó

At around 15:00 we arrived in Jacó! Everyone was excited to finally be at our destination and eager to get some rest. But first, we moved into our rooms and met in the garden of the hotel. We got a letter from the students of the Regina Maris – if any of you read this, thanks for the tips and tricks!

Then we walked to the language school „Academia Tica“ where we will have our Spanish lessons and got some info about our stay here. After that, we had the chance to walk to the beach and look at the sunset or stay in the hotel and use the wifi to call home. After a nice dinner, our first day in Costa Rica ended and we all got some much-needed sleep…

Three Weeks Without the Pelican

At Ocean College, we spend most of our time on the Pelican of London (well, maybe this year a bit less than usual), so much that she has begun to feel like home. Especially our cabins and bunks with all our stuff and pictures from home are a safe place. Now we left again for three weeks of adventure in Costa Rica and after we come back, we will have different cabins and cabin mates as well as new watches.

Will you miss the Pelican, your old cabin and watch?

Nele: YES. I will. I love my cabin. And my watch was premium.

Klara: Yeah, me too. But not the heat in the cabins. I hope it’s better after Costa Rica.

Erik: Yes. Of course because I like my old watch so much because Liane was in it. No, not just Liane everything was perfect.

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