Daily Report 06.12.2023

Date: 06th December 2023
Position: Essaouira, Morocco
Geographical Position: 31° 31’ N, 9° 46’ W
Etmal: 0 nm
Total: 1151 nm
Ship: Pelican of London

What happened today

After an exciting and tiring day yesterday, it was time to sleep in and eat breakfast at 10:00 am. All got to catch up on some sleep, especially for those who stayed up late to celebrate Karos Birthday. At 11:00 am, we had one and a half hours to work on school material from home and then we had the opportunity to go out in our watches have some food. Everyone got 30 Dirhams, and the main watch, for example, settled on our everyday food choice, Crêpes.

Schüler*innen essen Crepes.

After we were all back in our Riad, the teachers announced that the Pelican of London is as good as new and they are coming to Morocco to pick us up. For that purpose, Gregor and the Watchleaders will be taking the next flight to Lisbon on Friday to help the crew sail to Morocco. We are staying here until Tuesday and will be going surfing one more time. Of course, that was quite exciting to hear and we left on good terms because, to be honest, it was getting a bit frustrating, not knowing what’s going on. A day in Morocco without Tajin is unacceptable, so we were happy to finally eat Tajin again. In the late evening, we all relaxed, read books and wrote our diaries, or postcards.

The first pathway lessons

In the afternoon, we had our first lessons in our pathways.

The media pathway talked about camera settings, the dangers of social media and its impacts on school- life and a human’s concentration. They started off with a discussion and gathering personal impressions and opinions.

The science pathway did a beach cleanup. They split up into two groups, one went to an area that was further away and the other to a tourist location. After half an hour, they compared and noticed the differences in their findings. In the tourist location they mostly found cigarette butts and empty bottles. On the contrary, in the deserted location, mostly fishnets and trash packages were found.

The economics pathway explored tourism in Essaouira. We talked to locals, tourists, overviewed the city’s potential for tourism and each of the two groups picked a product and how often or in what way it is displayed in the streets and shops. One group picked collapsible chess boards, the other the infamous Nutella Crêpe.

Missing winter

In hopes of getting something from Nikolaus, a lot of people put their shoes or Crocs in front of the door. Did the holy Nikolaus come or not? We do not know, but just as holy was Samuel coming over with chocolate. Quick backstory to that. I bought that chocolate for Erik, who then traded his bedspace on the floor („Betonklotz“ they say) for Samuel’s more comfortable bed. I bought seven Oreo Chocolates. We joked that perhaps, this wasn’t the best bargain.

In December, many of us miss our families, friends and celebrating Christmas with them. But some have found ways to recreate the feeling and vibe of the winter holidays. What would you do if you were in Morocco in December where it’s 20 degrees? Choose your character. Insert trashy gameplay music here

Room 24 (Änna Boom, Emurr, Lou Schuh, Näile, Gritti-Grit-Grit (very fast), Rosalayja): Just pretend there is no Christmas and dress appropriately to Moroccan culture or wear less so you feel just as cold as you would in Germany. And of course, open the melted chocolate advent calendar.

Room 10 (Marie (pronounced in English), Jähl, Rosa, Luise): Wear extremely heavy Christmas jewelry that might leave permanent damage to your ears.

Room 16 (Terisa, Leina): Listen to Christmas music on full blast (which Tobi doesn’t approve of)

Room 21 (Ula (high pitched to voice crack), Baby-Braunbär-Ben, Freddie, Falki): Buy cheesy, stuffy Christmas sweaters that overwhelm your senses just by looking at them in Primark. They wear them for special occasions but most importantly, keep a straight, serious face like you’re wearing a suit and want to fire an employee.

Room 18 (Lenka-Schlenka, Scharlott): Listen to Christmas music (again) but with Moroccan juice sellers. Listen, sing and embrace Christmas music fully (since July).

Whichever way you choose doesn’t matter because we are all connected with our families in spirit. We all wish our families at home a snowy Advent and a nice rest of Nikolaus. ❤️


Frohen Nikolaus, Felix hat sich sicher bereiterklärt meine Schokolade mitzuessen, Mahlzeit. Hab‘ euch lieb bis zum Mond, ganz drum rum und zurück. Eure Rosalie

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