Dancing on the Atlantic

Ship: Pelican of London
Date: 07.01.2024
Nautical Position: 16° 50.7 N 044° 14.2 W
Etmal: 138 nm
Total: 1048 nm

Party auf Deck

Today, we reached the halfway point of the Atlantic crossing, which is why we celebrated the Middle Atlantic Ball tonight, a tradition on every Ocean College journey.

The Decoration and Watches

In the afternoon, some of us adorned the well deck with festoons and blue strips from Christmas.
The ball commenced at 6 o’clock. To ensure everyone could participate, we implemented an additional watch system for the evening. Three students were always on the bridge, rotating every half hour, allowing everyone to join the ball.

Schülerinnen an Deck in der Sonne

The Wonderful Clothes

The evening’s dress code was „summer,“ and everyone was dressed impeccably. Tamsin, our first mate and I created a TikTok video showcasing our beautiful attire.


We enjoyed fantastic music from various DJs, dancing and singing in the middle of the Atlantic, our joy echoing without disturbance. It was a unique experience. For those still hungry after dinner, the galley treated us to delicious snacks at 8 pm, featuring nachos with cheese and guacamole, lemon cake and other sweet treats. Half an hour later, they were all gone.

The End of the Day

After dancing a bit more post-dinner, most of us retired to bed. For those still on the well deck, Hannah, our bosun’s mate, played beautiful songs on her violin. At 22:00, the regular watch system resumed, marking the end of the ball.

Describe the Evening in three words!

  • Greta: Funny, loud, exciting.
  • Karo: Better than expected.
  • Paulina: Slippery, tasty, stunning.
  • Teresa: Fun, delicious, dancing queen.
  • Samuel: Nice, fun, music.

P.S. von Greta: Alles alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Papa!🥳 Ich hoffe, Dein Tag war schön! Ich hab‘ dich seeehr lieb und schicke Dir eine große Umarmung!

P.P.S.: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Michaell! Wir hoffen du hattest einen schönen Geburtstag🥳 ~ Noé, Philipp & Ben

P.S.S. von Friedrich: Hallo, mir geht es sehr gut. Die Atlantiküberquerung ist sehr cool und es macht total Spaß, in die Routine zu kommen. Liebe Grüße!


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