Endless Sun(day)

Date: 07.01.2024
Position: San Blas Islands
Etmal: 47 nm
Total: 6087 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Time flies on board

When somebody asks me which day of the week it is, I often don’t know the answer because for me time on board feels timeless. The only day I always know is Sunday because of our weekly deep clean. I hate and love this day at the same time because on the one hand, there is Nutella for breakfast and on the other hand there is a vacuum cleaner waiting for you to clean your cabin.

Normal Sunday?

But today I was very sad because we had no Nutella anymore. So the only thing I was excited for on this Sunday morning was when we arrived during deep clean next to the San Blas Islands.

When I saw them from far away, one of my first thoughts was that they looked like some islands out of the Avatar movie “The Way of Water,” but as soon as we got closer to the islands, it surprised me because it was not how I had expected them to be.

Turkish Bazaar on Regina Maris

Houses next to houses. That was how the islands looked like. As Justus said, “the people who live there use every space they have.” As soon as the people living on the San Blas Islands saw our Regina Maris arriving, they went on their boats, came to us on board and showed their handmade things which they wanted to sell to us.

Our ship really turned into a Turkish Bazaar and deep clean got forgotten for at least an hour. Some of us bought bracelets or other colorful stuff. After this hour of talking and trading with the inhabitants they went back on their boats and we finished deep clean.

Best comes last

After hours of work, there is mostly a happy end. Our happy end was on a beach of one of the San Blas Islands, playing volleyball, snorkeling in the crystal-clear blue water and walking around on the beach.

For me, it felt magical as soon as it got dark and all the stars shined bright on the night sky. But some of the boys destroyed my magical moment because they threw me into the water. So all in all, I would say the best comes last.

Fun fact at the end

As the caption already said, we had an endless Sun(day). Because some of us were too lazy to use sunscreen and obviously don’t do as the teachers instruct us, I see every day some Austrian flags walking around (which Emma is really happy about because now there are more Austrians :)). We all love sunburns!


Darja: Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag, Papa! Hab‘ dich lieb!

Mascha: Musste heute viel an zuhause denken, vermiss‘ euch!

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