Datum: 18.12.2023
Position: Santa Cruz De Tenerife
Nautische Position: 28°27,9‘N 016°14,5‘W
Etmal: 0 nm
Total: 2015 nm
Schiff: Pelican of London

We‘ve lived on the Pelican for about two months now and we can all agree that there are some big differences to life at home apart from living on board a ship.


Most of us are very active in their free time and spent a lot of time doing sports when they are at home. We all knew before we came here that we couldn’t continue like we did at home but its still something different to hear about it and to live it.

On Pelican you can’t really do anything except for push ups, sit ups or lifting some of Margots weights as Falk and Anna L. told you before.

When we are at sea we can also go climbing almost everyday (thats probably also the most fun thing we can do on Pelican). Thats another way to get out some more energy.

But for some of us (especially some of the boys) thats not enough. Some of them tend to get twitchy because of that.


Today we went on a hike through the Ana mountains on Tenerife. Our goal was a small village where the houses are built into the mountain. The hike was about seven kilometers long and it took us about three and a half hours to finish it.

I’m pretty sure that we aren’t the biggest fans of going on hikes at home but I think today was great for everyone. We got the chance to do a little bit of sport. Even though the hike wasn’t the most challenging we still got some Energy out and had the chance get in some steps after basically not doing any for the last two months.

All of us needed to get out some Energy and a hike is the best thing we can do as a group. The people who wanted to talk could talk and the ones who just wanted to enjoy the silence and nature could do that as well.

Even though we basically live on the Ocean and are always outside its something different to be able to really feel like you did something with your body.

Silence Hiking at Ocean College

Inner peace

Another thing that hiking helps with is the fact that you get some alone time thats not in a stuffy cabin. When I’m outside I feel peaceful and also weirdly happy. Hiking can be annoying and really exhausting sometimes but after the hike I think its always worth it.

Being outside can really help with sorting stuff out in your mind and think in silence. Overall hiking is a great change to the everyday life on Pelican.

P.S.: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Nora!~ Karo

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