How-To Lost and Found

Date: 22th November 2023
Geographical Position: 3248.2’N 1402.8’W
Etmal: 216
Total: 1616
Ship: Regina Maris

Here on board, we have our very own lost and found system loved by everyone. So the story I wanted to write about is: I lost (forgot) my laptop in the mess room and Thomas, our project leader, found it. Yesterday, I just wanted to use my laptop but couldn’t find it in the laptop box and I also remembered that I didn’t put it back in there. So I asked Thomas if the laptop was in the lost and found and yeah, it was in there. Now I had two options:

  1. Wait until Sunday to buy it back for 50 cent
    Positive and Negative aspects:
    Costs 50 cent
    I have to wait until Sunday
  2. Do something creative, funny, or beneficial for the group (or at least parts of it) to get it back instantly.
    Positive and negative aspects:
    I can get my laptop back instantly
    I have to use my brain to be creative
    I don’t have to pay the 50 cent
    I may have to embarrass myself
    I decided to be creative, but at first, I had no idea what I could do. For example, Ella just wrote a poem about why she needs her shoes back and read it out in front of us all. Tobi rapped us the story of why he left his hoodie on the stairs. So I spoke with Johanna and Luis about the issue and got inspired to learn how to juggle with three balls that same night. Then I will wake them the next morning with a coffee, some breakfast, and chips and, in addition, I show them what I learned last night, while singing: “Guten Morgen lieber Thomas, guten Morgen lieber Mats. Mein Laptop ist hier verborgen und das soll nicht mehr so sein. Guten Morgen Sonnenschein, guten Morgen Sonnenschein.“ And I can assure you that this performance was not very impressive, but they were impressed with my engagement to stay up at night to learn how to juggle, so they gave my laptop back to me. Some other ideas I had were dancing during the daily announcement, singing through the ship speaker, or doing some duties for free like galley and heads & showers.

Later that day, some students started baking cinnamon rolls, even the raw doe of which tasted very good. It’s just too bad that everyone could only get one and a half of them.


P.S.: Justus: Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag Papa 🎁🥳🥳🥳 P.P.S.: Johanna: Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag, Sam! ❤️

P.P.P.S.: Thomats: Respekt nochmal für die Show heute Morgen, Julius. Morgen bitte wieder 2x Kaffee 🫶

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