Summary of the last month

Date: 22. November 2023
Position: Lissabon
Geographic position: 38°40.9’N 9°12.9’W
Etmal: 0
Total: 1151
Ship: Pelican of London

Swimming, Museum, Mood and conflict resolution

We can’t believe that one of six months has already passed. Last month was filled with moments of joy, friendship and a lot of vomiting… Our journey started later than expected, leaving us stranded in Sharpness for two weeks. When we finally left , the bay of Biskay showed all of us how to deal with difficult situations.

We grew closer and closer everyday despite the fact that some of us were feeling like they wanted to die. It was a very hard week but it let us become a stronger team. Our first destination Vigo was a good city to get some rest. After leaving and than again returning and than again leaving we had very nice, two whole days of sailing🤯. The plan was to sail to Tenerife directly, but our generators had other plans…

What we did today

Today our day started earlier than usually. At 8 o’clock we all mustered on the well deck. We knew that we were going to go to a museum and that we were going to go swimming in the ocean. So almost everyone took their bathing stuff with them and left the Pelican. Because our Lisboa cards were still valid we took the train to Belém, a part of Lisbon were the pasteis de Nata were first made.

When we got out of the train we followed our teachers as usual and hoped for the best. After a 10 Minute walk we were suddenly standing on a beach. We were all surprised and kind of confused because to me it felt like it was 10 degrees outside. Two seconds later a couple of us were standing on the beach in their bathing suites freezing. The water was freezing cold but it was really worth it going for a swim after being on a sailing ship for a month.

After the beach we went into a fortress on the water. Afterwards the plan was to go to a cathedral but the line was waaayyy to long so we were allowed to do things on our own. Funny enough we all decided to go to the same pasteis de Belém shop. They were so so good and we were all quite happy that we found some Berliner aka Kreppel.

When we came back to the Pelican group A had Geo lessons with Gregor and group B could sleep. After 1 1/2 hours we switched.

P.S.: Ich hab‘ alle die, dass lesen ganz ganz dolle lieb. Ich hab‘ keine Ahnung, wann ich mein Handy kriege, aber ich erwarte, dass alle ran gehen, die ich anrufe. Я вас очень люблю и у меня всю отлично (Ich hoffe meine Briefe und Postkarten haben alle erreicht) ❤️🥰🥰🫶🏼🤟~Sophie

P.S.: Hellóóó! Nagyon remélem hogy jól vagytok és hogy szuperűl érzitek magatokat. Nagyon szuper hogy küldtetek nekem egy e-mailt. Nagyon örültem! Azt is remélem hogy megkaptátok a levelemet. Éppen Lisszabonban vagyunk és küldök még párat.
Puszilok mindenkit😘❤️~Noé aka Nemo

P.S.: heyyyyy, ich freu mich jetzt schon, wenn ich mein Handy endlich bekomme und ich euch dann alle anrufen kann… Ich hoffe dir, Anne, gefällt die Uni immer noch so gut und du lässt dich nicht zu sehr stressen, ich denke ganz fest an euch und hab euch ganz dolle lieb🤗😘~Eva

P.S.: hello an alle, mir geht es supi, ich vermisse euch alle sehr. Ich hoffe ihr habt meine Postkarten bekommen. Mama in Lissabon erinnert mich sehr viel an dich. Ich freue mich euch anzurufen und mal wieder von euch zu hören. Ich hoffe es geht euch allen gut 🫶🏼😘

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