If no road reaches your home

Date: 8th December 2023
Position: Monte Trigo
Etmal: 26 nm
Total: 2715 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Ciao Mindelo! Hi Monte Trigo!

Our day started still anchored in Mindelo. For breakfast, we had pizza buns because there was still dough left from the pizza of the previous day. We bunkered Fuel and sea stowed everything. After we managed to do so, we said goodbye to Mindelo and started our journey to Monte Trigo.

How we ended up there…

After 3 hours of sailing, we were able to sight our next stop. A little village in the middle of nowhere. It fits beautifully on the side of the coast. Everyone said it looked like a set on Hollywood. Birds were flying over the black beaches. The water reflected the sun, and some of the flying fish jumped out of the water just as to say hi. After a few minutes, while we let our anchor down, we saw a fisherman paddling in our direction.

His boat was made out of wood, and he held on to a blue paddle. We belayed his boat to ours and he came on board to say hello in the name of the village. As soon as the second boat arrived, we went ashore. Because the weather was good, there were a few people who wanted to swim. The locals told us there were sharks in the water, but some of us were still brave enough to swim the 100 meters to shore.

Monte Tigo und Schüler*innen schwimmen im Vordergrund

What we didn’t notice was that we entered the village the only way it’s accessible. The locals told us there was once a street there, but a bridge that connected both sides of the road collapsed.

What to do if you live in the middle of nowhere?

Within our group, we discussed about living in the middle of nowhere and came to the conclusion that we are not sure if we would like it. But there were some other options. Some of us would have liked to spend their childhood there.

I live in a village, but even our village has a bus that reaches us every hour. What it means to live without being able to change location every now and then would be crazy and at the same time is a comforting thought. You don’t have to worry about the big problems of the world because your world just consists of your own beautiful village

But what to do?

If you think there would be nothing to do, you would be totally wrong. We started with a tour through the village that lasted surprisingly long because there were so many interesting places like the school or the sugarcane farm. The three brothers that showed us around challenged us to a game of football. On the only pitch in the village, everyone met up and we played, laughed and had a great time celebrating goals.

After the sun went down, we celebrated the game with Portuguese music.

Fischer fahren die Schüler*innen zurück zum Schiff.

The fishermen were so kind and brought us back to the Reggie, where we ended the day with a little swim. Overall, one of the best days so far, in my opinion!

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