Marmelade Moments

Datum: 20.02.2024
Position: Panama City
Etmal: 0 nm
Total: 5089 nm
Schiff: Pelican of London

Last Day in Panamacity

We met at 10:30, but only Tobi was downstairs who told us to come back later. So we met again at 12:30 where Fabia and Gregor told us that we would leave tomorrow. After that we received five dollar each to buy something for lunch, because the teachers claimed the hotel food wasn’t so good.

We again met at 15:00 to take the metro to “casco viejo“ where we had one hour free–shore–leave. After that we went for another hour in the “Panama Canal Museum”, which was very interesting, with lots of text to read. After that we went to a pizzaria where we ate really good pizza

Marmalade Moments

We already had at the beginning Marmalade moments and I thought we look how they changed. Marmalade moments are special moments when the atmosphere or the shared feeling is perfect and memorable. These moments are preserved in a marmalade glass, which you can open when you need a pick-me-up. Some of us would like to share moments from the past weeks.


One marmalade moment for me was definitely watching the whales during the Atlantic crossing from the Topsail platform.While climbing is the only time where you actually realise that there is nothing except deep blue water around you.


For me, the last Marmelade moment was the second football game in Costa Rica and the atmosphere afterwards: Exhausted but truly happy.


Climbing or more like running and jumping down the Cerro Chato in La Fortuna after the most exhausting but truly the most beautiful hike ever through the jungle was something I will never forget.


One of the most amazing moments in Costa Rica happened in Jacó. The waves on the last Surfing day were really intense and it was difficult to catch one. In the end however I managed to catch one and it was such a tremendous feeling surfing down that amount of water.


For me the hiking in Tenerife was one of the best moments. The scenery was beautiful it was fun and I generally just like hiking. And if I had to boil it down to one moment I’d say reaching the summit of the mountain next to the Teide (I forgot the name).


The evening from the middle Atlantic ball, where we saw some dolphins and the sun went down. Everybody had fun and we danced and sang until the day was over.

Schüler am Strand

Quality time with friends. Especially when we were in Saint Martin or at the beach in Jaco. With the beautiful sunsets there it felt like being in a dream. Some real summer-vacation vibes🏖️☀️

The Marmalade moments definitely change, most people had there special moments in the “Caribbean Sea” and “Costa Rica”.

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