Sharing a room and arriving in Cuba!

Date: 19.02.2024
Geographical Position: 23°06.7′ N 82°43.3′ W
Etmal: 78 nm
Total: 7382 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

For most of us it’s the first time sharing a room. And if not, definitely with three others. There are a few challenges connected to it:

Of course, on our way to Cuba, some people were very seasick. The only thing you hope for is that no one is puking in the cabin, because then it smells. There we are at the first point of: How is it to share a cabin with three other teenagers.

Interestingly mixed senses

First of all, you can’t imagine the smell, especially in the first days when we were not allowed to open our hedges due to heavy weather, when you open the doors to wake up somebody for watch. I can’t send you the smell through the screen (which you should be happy about) but I’ll try to describe it.

Arrival in Cuba

In german you would say: That smells like in a puma cage. And that does not even come close to what it actually smelled like. It was 20 degrees Celsius warmer than in the rest of the ship. There was literally no oxygen left in the cabin anymore. What adds to it is the smell of wet clothes and a sweet thing I cannot identify… and maybe it’s better that way.

Schüler*innen sind in der Messe versammelt.

Hatch beds and tidiness

Also, if you have the misfortune to sleep under the window (if you think that would be something good because you can get some fresh air, I’ll tell you it’s quite the opposite!!!) you get wet. At first, we all thought our windows were leaking but our captain told us it’s condensed water. Not any better, if you ask me.

Schüler*innen schauen auf zur Luke.

There is something else you should know about – space a.k.a. no space: I don’t know if you have ever seen a picture of the cabins but you can imagine a space as big as one by one metre which four people are living on. Therefore, it’s for the best to keep your things in order. Cough, cough, Julius.

No Privacy

There is a next thing: no privacy… Ii doesn’t matter what you do or when, you are always watched or heard. The only place were only you should go is your bed. But sometimes even this space is occupied by Max.

Now, it sounds like there is no positive thing about sharing a room but there are: I never had conversations this long until deep in the night. Hallway raves and so much more. It’s a love hate relationship. At the start of the voyage I would describe myself as a person who likes to be alone and it is still the case.

Schüler sitzen an Deck und schauen nach oben.

Daily recap

Our day stated at sea. Good breakfast and relativ rough sea. Jakobs birthday: 23 Years old. Gratulations! At midday, we arrived in Cuba. We got through immigration quite smoothly. Then the day ended with a lovely barbecue. Ciao ciao.

Happy Birthday Jakob!!!
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