Date: 08th of April 2024
Nautical position: 38°31’8N, 28°37’5W
Geographical position: Azoren
Etmal: 1 nm
Total: 11057 nm
Ship: Pelican of London

Morning Anchorage

This very eventful day started with Tamsin‘s biggest fear – five of our mooring lines snapped at five in the morning and we had to go to anchor because we couldn’t hold the Pelican to the key anymore. I had galley, which was quite funny because no one was there to eat breakfast; everyone was busy!

Schüler*innen bedienen die Segel.

The last phone day on the Pelican

Phone days are always kind of stressful and emotionally exhausting hours. However, they are filled with big smiles and laughter too. It‘s crazy to think that today was the last one – ever.

Especially saying goodbye to your family and friends, knowing you will see them in real life in 20 days, was a different kind of goodbye. It was more like: See you later! And I think that’s what made this phone day so special…

Schüler*innen sitzen auf der Hafenmauer der Azoren.

Countdown to IJmuiden

But this also means something else: You can literally count the days now until our arrival in Amsterdam. The end of Ocean College feels even more real when your parents are asking what they should bring when picking you up, like your favourite foods and you sit there and realize: Yeah, this day will really happen. I’m a bit scared of what I will feel in this moment but I just know that it will be intense for everyone.

But that just makes you want to live these 20 days like they are the best you will ever have.

Schüler*innen stehen auf dem Hafen der Azoren.
Pelican students visiting the Regina Maris

Back into the box

At eight o’clock in the evening we had to give ba- oh wait, no we didn’t. We were kind of occupied with trying to get a better harbour place so our mooring lines won’t snap again. But this evolved into another drama itself.

Let’s just say we gave two ships a fist bump… They may hate us now. But after that we said our last goodbyes and put our phones into the box where they will be stowed one last time.

Today was a wild day with lots of stuff happening and lots to talk about. I think it was one of those days that make you realise what’s precious to you, what really counts and who you love and what you want. And isn’t that what this is all about?

Schüler*innen arbeiten an Deck der Regina Maris.

P.S.: Ich freue mich auf die Keksschokolade 🙂 aber größtenteils auf euch natürlich <3 (vergesst den Sekundenkleber nicht, Kussi) – Liane

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