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Datum: 26.04.2024
Nautische Position: 42°13‘.9 N 008°50‘.9 W
Geographische Position: Vigo

Todays topic is about our teachers :

Mama Fabia
Tobi wan Kenobi
And his Master: Gregor

The teachers where with us almost the whole time and they where like part time parents to most of us. And we had a great time together. Fabia had to leave us today and we were really sad about that even if it‘s only three days without her. But we still have Gregor and Tobi who stay with us until the end.

I don’t really know what else I can write about them beside that they really were a great trio and really took great care of us. And even though we haven’t had so much school we had lots of fun with them as our project leaders. So I want to say thank you, thanks for being with us and for the great time you spent with us.

The teachers explained

Mama Fabia :

Fabia may be a bit short but she is very smart and is very structured in what she‘s doing. I also noticed that her English improved a lot. My personal favourite moment with Fabia was everytime me Ben and her just talked on deck or in the mess.

Because in a big group she has to be louder and a bit more strict but in personal conversations with maximum four people she was very nice and open and relaxed. And for gossip is Fabia always there.

Tobi wan Kenobi:

Tobi is like the little brother of Gregor and he is very funny. Tobi‘s jokes are absolute trash but that’s for example one thing that’s very funny from him (sorry Tobi). Beside that he is a very professional chemistry teacher and it’s very funny to do experiments with him. When Tobi is telling us stories from his youth, everybody is listening because these stories are crazy 😜. Also the history lessons always where funny and interesting (his English is also se yellow from se egg).


Gregor is as I said like the older brother from Tobi and is a very kind friendly and respectful person. By the way is, he living near me, so I maybe see him a few more times when he has some time. He is also very structured and careful with what he is doing. He is also funny and always interested in gossip.

His PA announcements are chasing me in my dreams and I have the feeling they always will. ,,THIS IS AN ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THE OCEAN COLLEGE STUDENTS, PLEASE GATHER AT THE WELL DECK RIGHT AWAY‘‘

To make long story short, we all loved and enjoyed the time with the teachers and I think we can be happy that we had them on board. THANK YOU 🙏

P.S.: Ebenfalls VIELEN DANK FÜR ALLES aus dem Backoffice, es war uns ein Fest, diese Reise mit euch zu rocken. Die Türen bei Ocean College stehen euch immer offen! Danke!

P.P.S.: Liebe Hannibanni, ich wünsche Dir alles, alles Gute zum 17. Geburtstag!! Ich hoffe, Du hattest einen supiii Tag, hast Dich ordentlich feiern gelassen und es sehr genossen:) Ich freu‘ mich, Dich bald wieder zu sehen und Deinen Geburtstag mit Dir nachzufeiern!! Hab‘ Dich ganz doll lieb, Dein Paulchen ❤️🎂🎊

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