So much at once

Ship: Pelican of London
Date: 17th of January 2024
Nautical Position: 18°04.8‘N/ 063°05.6‘W
Etmal: 0 nm
Total: 5089 nm

Today was a very special day, a lot happened in a short period of time.

Two- day phone time

First of all, yesterday, we received our phones for approximately two days because so many people were saying, „the screentime is too short.“ recently. The teachers said, „we understand that and you were so brave since the beginning of the journey, that we will give you your phone for two whole days.“ So we got our phones then and today has been the second day for us to have a bit of social interaction with our family or download things on our iPads or mp3 players.

Swimming in the Caribbean

But as if this isn’t great enough, we had the opportunity to jump from the ship into the Caribbean Sea from the railing of our Pelican of London. That was a huge surprise when Tamsin did a test-swim in the 27 degrees Celsius warm water.

Free shore leave

After we had lots of fun doing flips or jumps from the railing, we had the possibility to go ashore via Zodiac. We grabbed our things from the cabins, cleaned it and got ready to leave our home for about four hours to go shopping or continue calling friends and family in a cafeteria or somewhere else.

The free shore leave was amazing and it was so great to have so much time to call people or do whatever we liked to do. My group consisted of Ole, Ben and myself, of course. Firstly we headed to McDonald’s 🙂 and after some time, we just walked around like little zombies with the disability to look forwards.

I wondered what the people might think about us because that view must have been really funny. After the three to four hours ashore, we went back to the Zodiacs landing station nearby a flea market to get picked up. The new captain, Richard, came with our small motorboat and took us back to the Pelican in groups of up to twelve people. Overall, that was a very nice, special, and emotional day and we look forward to our trip to Panama.

Schüler*innen auf einer Schaukel vor dem Meer.


Ich grüße meine Familie (Lotti, Philip, Ralle und die Shattrin ) und meine Freunde und meine Klasse und die Lehrer, die das mitverfolgen 😉

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