The taste explosion of Costa Rica

Date: 17.01.2024
Position: Jacó, Costa Rica
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Total: 6325 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Since we are in Costa Rica we have very different meals, wich are typical Costa Rican. For example we have always a different kind of bred with egg and some vegetables for breakfast.

Together with that we also get tropical fruits. We have pineapple, papaya, strawberries, melon, watermelon and banana every morning. And we had a fruit tasting were we tried new fruits and learned more about them. I try to give you an insight from the distance and describe the tastes for you.

Limón dulce

Limón dulce is a sweet but also bitter lemon wich looks like a yellow mandarine. It smelled very good but most of us didn’t really like the taste.


I guess you all know manderines from europe and the Costa Ricans are tasting almost the same but there is still a little difference.


Watermelon is another fruit we all ate in Europe before but in my opinion the Costa Rican is a little bit better.


For me the orange here was pretty much the same as in germany: tasty and sweet.


Piña or in english pineapple is another fruit we all tried before but in Costa Rica it tastes still a lot better and also its not burning your tongues!


It is a green fruit no one of us knew before. It looked a bit like a wrinkeled apple, but it tasted really fresh and some people said it tastes like leafs but in my opinion it was very delicious and as we learned there is also a kind of it wich is used a lot for juices.


In Costa Rica you can see a lot of palm trees with fresh bananas in the gardens. There are some green ones you can just use for cooking as we did on monday. But there are also “usual” ones wich are mostly very small but also very, very tasty!

Caña de azúcar

We have very different opinions about sugar cane. We all got a small white piece and tried to suck the liquid out. Of course it was very sweet!

Manzana de agua

Waterapple is a thing wich was more popular some years ago, but you can still find it in some supermarkets. From the outside they looked a bit like radishs, but they tasted more like pears.

Limon caviár

It was a very small lemon with a green peal but inside were some bubbles wich looked a bit like white or pink caviare. But to be honest it doesn’t seem too be a very common fruit because our teachers from the spanish scool also never tried it before.


This one surprised me a lot: the starfruit. You may have already seen the interesting looking green orange fruit. It is formed like a star if you look at it from the side. But have you ever tried it? It is very sour and was in my opinion one of the best fruits!


Tamarindo is also very sweet. We didn’t try the hole fruit but we had a mash which still had some seeds in there which we had to pick out. But for me it was a bit too sweet.


The blackberries here were also close to the european but I think in this case I even prefer the european ones a bit.


It got it’s name because it looks like a small orange, but the peel is sandy and it tastes and looks from the inside like a tomato. In englisch it is also called tree tomato.


You might have also seen this one before. It is orange or green from the outside and orange from the inside. In the middle are some black seeds you don’t eat.


I think you all know mango, but maybe not the delicious one from here. And did you know that there is a difference between mango and manga? Manga is sweeter than mango and you can recognize them by the color.


We also had coconuts in the fruit tasting but to be honest the best ones we had were already on the lonely
island on San Blas where we harvested them directly from the tree. When they are at the palm tree they still have a green layer around the brown “shell”. Another interesting fact about the coconut is that the water is very healthy because of its many nutrients and less sugar.

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