Surfing im November

Date: 30th November 2023
Position: Essaouira, Morocco
Geographic Position: 31° 31’ N, 9° 46’ W
Etmal: 0 nm
Total: 1151 nm
Ship: Pelican of London

Surfing in November

Today, we had to get up at 9:00 A.M. because some people had to move into another Riad (hostel). The new riad was very nice and also had a very cool rooftop with a great view of the sea. Unfortunately, only one group slept there and only for a single night.

After breakfast, the group from the new Riad packed their things together and went surfing!!!! It was a 30-minute walk to the surf shop where we got our wetsuits and surfboards. When we were at the beach, Ash (a surf instructor and our local guide) gave us a quick introduction on how to surf.

In the beginning, it was not that easy for most of us, except for Fred and Noé; they just smashed the first wave they went for. After one amazing hour of surfing, we went back to the Riad and had some time to get ready for lunch and after that, it was time for a self-learning time. Everyone enjoyed it because surfing is such a nice sport to do even though if you never went surfing. Even though we weren’t the best at surfing, we all enjoyed it because every little success makes you happy. We were all very tired after we went surfing, but it was still one of the best moments we had so far.

How to Deal Well with High Prices at Small Shops:

The currency conversion course: 1 Euro ~ 11 Dirham

Step 1: Let’s say you want something to buy which costs 300 Dirham (30€)

Step 2: Say an unrealistic price like 80 Dirham. The seller probably says something like: No, No, this is the best quality…

Step 3: The best thing to say is something like: yeah, but I saw this at the other stand for 80 Dirham. He is going to say a lower price like 200 Dirham.

Step 4: You say to him that his price is way too high and go a bit higher with the price but not too high. Say, 100 Dirham, for instance.

Step 5: The seller is going to repeat HIS previous price two or three times.

Step 6: Just say, „No, that’s too high!“ and walk away.

Step 7: Almost every time the seller is saying that you should come back.

After that, they are going to go way lower with the price and are probably going to say something like 130-150 Dirham.

Step 8: Almost done 😅 To make it easy, meet him in the middle, which is, in this example, 115 Dirham. And most often, they say „ok, let’s do it!“ But sometimes they are not happy and just going to repeat their price until you agree to their proposal.

Step 9: Be happy that you got the seller that low and enjoy whatever it is you bought.

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