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Atlantik Taufe and Mid Atlantik Ball

Date: 21.12.2022
Author: Leopold
Nautical position: 13 13.302   44 22.829
Etmal: 3774
Ship: Regina Maris 

Today started out with the first big happening… our Scooner throat heliyard shackle ripped (the thing that holds the line on the upper boom) with a loud noise and the sail partly dropped a few meters.
After some easying and waking up Lex the sail was down and up again in less then 45 min. Shoutout to Freddy who helped out once again by climbing up the mast and working aloft.


The ship was loudly notified that we crossed the middle of the Atlantic after only seven days. Lex, our first officer, filled a bucket with Mid Atlantic Saltwater so we could drink a small sip and fill up some bottles as a memory. At that point we were all anxiously awaiting the Atlantic Taufe.

Atlantic Taufe and Lentils-and-mysterious-leftovers food fight 

One by one we all were greeted into the western Atlantic with the mentioned food leftovers dumped not so gracefully on our heads as well as drinking a really disgusting mixture made out of various „eatable“ liquids found on the ship such as mayonnaise, tabasco and mustard. Along with that we also got our personalised fish names. Mine for example is the Buffhead Catfish. The last person going through the procedure was Lex, our badass fist officer who also initiated the leftover food fight. Lentils and other things were flying all over the Deck. For cleaning up the fire hoses were attached and high pressure saltwater was pumped on deck to get off the mysterious food off our bodies and heads.

Mid Atlantic Ball

At 17:45 auto pilot was turned on and we all gathered up for our dance and the small party that took place on the  main deck. All boys and girls were dressed up and ready to have a dance with their partner that was randomly chosen two days prior. Because some of us didn’t know how to dance Lex showed us the „Chachacha“. This dance being best because we could dance forth and back without the waves throwing us from left to right. After that there was just some jumping around singing and having a unreal and unbelievable year abroad. Our teachers and officers also came on the dance floor and rocked it.
Also big shout out to the galley team and Maliqa for preparing an amazing buffet with self made pizza as well as cake pops and baguettes made by Jojo. To finish this wonderful evening we had a last dance and cleaned the messroom.The cycle of live on the ship continued.

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