Messroom: The emotional heart of the ship

Date: 30.11.2023
Position: Tenerife
Etmal: 0 nm
Total: 1831 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

This is our messroom for us. The messroom is the central point of our life. In the messroom, you can meet everyone, teachers, crew, or your friends. It is the place where you collect magic moments and have fun with others. The messroom is the biggest room on the ship. Here we have our vital coffee machine and multiple benches with comfortable cushions, pillows, and blankets around four big tables. In the back, we have a big TV for school, movies, or news. With these attributes, the messroom takes over some important tasks for which we use it.

Living room

The messroom is our living room. It is the place where we create music with our friends or play loud music on the speakers. At all times, some form of music is being played in the messroom. Also, you can play many games here. The card games, which we play often, are Ligretto, Wizard, and UNO. The favorite board game is Monopoly; we are playing it often after dinner. We also can turn our living room into a cinema or a casino. You see, what we do at home, we do in our messroom, but that is only one of the messroom’s traits.

Dining room

The messroom is our dining room. Here, we take our meal three times a day. We get breakfast, lunch and dinner through the hatch between the galley and the messroom. The galley- duty wakes up at 7:30 when the first tired people come up to get breakfast. At lunch, everyone has to be woken up to get their food. At this time, the messroom is full of people and good mood, if the lunch is tasty. At dinner, everyone enjoys their meal on the benches and we have to eat all of our sweets up here.


The messroom is our classroom. The classes in the morning and in the afternoon sit on the sofa and try to have school. I can‘t imagine that I am doing school while sitting on a sofa feeling comfortable. At home, you sit on uncomfortable seats and here your working space is also the place where you chill or play games. During classes, when some of us are working, the other groups play card games in the front part of the messroom.

Personal opinion

So for me the messroom is an allrounder-room. It is not the living room I know from at home, not the dining room and of course not the classroom. But the messroom is one of the lovely places on bord, where I can take time for myself or have a nice time with others. Sometimes it is a little bit chaotic, but not for long, because we have to clean it seven times a day. The messroom is the emotional heart of the ship and the place where we can relax.


Lenara: Ich habe leider vergessen, den fertigen Brief abzuschicken, aber ich habe Postkarten geschrieben, ich hoffe, die machen es wieder gut. Hab‘ euch lieb und esst ein paar Plätzchen für mich mit.

Andrea: Alles Gueti zum Geburtstag Papi! 🥳😘🎂

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