The board life is starting again…

Date: 07th of February 2024
Position: Bocas del Toro, Panama
Etmal: 0 nm
Total: 6325 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

We are now back aboard the wonderful Regina Maris. Many of us were looking forward to this moment and on the other side, a lot of us were sad that our beautiful time in Costa Rica has come to an end.

And back on board, we all have to get back in the ship’s system and rhythm with all the rules and tasks we have to care about. For example, the anchor watches or the lost and found box. All of it is more difficult than expected (at least for me).

Eine Schülerin sitzt in der Messe und lernt.

Unfortunately, these were not the only things which caused us some problems because we also had to take all our belongings, which we didn’t want to carry with us through Costa Rica, out of cabin one. We had stored everything for the last three weeks in this one cabin.

The problem with this was that a lot of our things started to mold. Luckily my backpack was watertight and everything which was inside stayed clean, so I just had to clean the straps of the backpack. Another thing which we have to learn again are the rules and time routines.

This is also why we had a big announcement today from Kilian about the rules on safety precautions. We talked around 30 minutes about things we should do, things we should not do and that we have to watch out for the others also to guarantee everybody’s safety on board.

Eine Schülerin trägt den Müll nach draußen.

After that, we got another announcement from our project leader and teachers about the schedule on board. In this announcement, we spoke about the things which had to be done today and who would be responsible for them.

Basically, these are all things and systems we already know from the two and a half months we were on the boat before Costa Rica. But the crew and the teachers recognized that we unlearned a lot of it in the three weeks while our Costa Rica time. But in my opinion, we will relearn all these things really quickly.


Lasse: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Papa, hab‘ Dich lieb 🥳

Julius: Hab‘ euch lieb und freue mich, euch wiederzusehen!

Johanna: Happy Birthday! ❤️

Ella: MAJE, ich denke an Dich!

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