The difference between Hamilton and St. George and the rest of the world

Date: 23.4.2024
Nautical Position: 32°22‘7N, 64°40‘8W
Geographical Position: Bermuda
Total: 9152nm
Etmal: 0nm
Ship: Pelican of London

Since we visited Hamilton today afternoon, I want to talk about the difference between Hamilton, the town were our ship is and the rest of the Island. In general, everything is extremely expensive compared to other countries. If you are not careful, you can get poor very quickly. Every roof, as you read yesterday, is white and designed to collect rainwater, because Bermuda hasn’t got any river or lake.

The first thing I noticed was that the island is completely covered with buildings for people to live. They are on average about 50 to 100 meters apart from each other. Another thing I noticed is that the cities are sleepy and people are just outside for working and buying food. So now to the difference between Hamilton and St. George:

St. George is a tiny town with various (expensive) restaurants, markets and cute little houses all built in the same style. It is located by a bay and on the other side of the bay is the airport. When the wind is right you can see some aircraft’s flying over the town. Hamilton on the other hand is a town that is more similar to towns in Germany. The town itself is not that big, but compared to St. George it has a different building style.

The houses are more modern and bigger and in every corner is a supermarket or mall. We even found an escape room. So if you ask me wich town I like more: It would be St. George, because the houses are so cute and i like cute little towns. And if you are wondering about the bus ride: It took us 30 minutes, but the landscape was very beautiful.

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