The finished Board book

Date: 14.04.2024
Nautical position: 42°10.2’N 023°04.2’W
Geographical position: North Atlantic
Etmal: 82 nm
Total: 11535 nm
Ship: Pelican of London

The Day:

What can I tell you about the day? Samuel did crazy things, went to the future and even stole my chance to tell you how it is to be captain… The only way I could do a proper daily report is by going to the past and telling you about the 13th of April (stealing his time machine was easy). So here we are. I just have to make sure nobody sees me.

So is there anything interesting to tell you guys apart from people hitting new off-course records (140, anonym) (50, Tobi)? Not really. The wind is so bad and that’s gonna keep going a few days. So because there is nothing else interesting I will go back to the future to tell you something different.

Schüler*innen auf Wache im Nordatlantik.

The Boardbook is finally finished!

In the evening we all met to look on the final version of the Boardbook. We can not change anything anymore because we already sent it to the office from the Azores but we all wanted to see how it will finally look. First we have a really nice cover with a dark blue background with our route and a line art of the Pelican in the front.

After that we have a CV and a text for every person. Everyone has three pictures of themselves in total, however group pictures were also added. Of course we also have descriptions for every old and new member of the professional crew. Furthermore, we have a funny category called “OC ist,…” where we made up funny sentences about OC.

Schüler*innen baumeln von der Galley.

Another category is our whiteboard. From the whiteboard in the mess one can be entertained every day. Funny poems, a lot of pictures, a note if you have found something, a list of people who want/don’t want to be woken up or other random things. Because it is really a part of our daily routine to see/write/paint funny things on the whiteboard it’s now a category for our Boardbook.

An additional very funny category is a list of broken things and catastrophes on the Pelican, in the order of happening. Spoiler: it’s a really long list… Our OC playlist is also a necessary part of the Boardbook, which is why we have a page with a list of songs and QR codes to scan them.

The largest part are the daily reports. The Boardbook will be like a diary for the people who didn’t write one. In the end one can find a large photo wall with funny pictures of us, group photos and watch photos.

Schüler*innen sind auf Wache.


P.S: Hallo an alle zuhause. Ich hab‘ euch ganz doll lieb und freue mich, euch wiederzusehen –Karl

P.P.S.: Liebe Sonni, herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Deinem Geburtstag! Ich weiß, dass dieser Tagesbericht viel zu spät rausgegangen ist und Du das erst am 16. liest (oder so), aber ich hoffe, Du freust Dich. Ich freue mich, Dich wiederzusehen. Liebe Grüße und alles, alles Gute auch von Lenka und Karo. Ein großes Dankeschön noch von Nelli und Gritti. ~Erik

P.P.P.S.: Hallöchen ihr Zuhause! Mir geht’s ganz wundervoll, obwohl ich gerade mit Schokolade zu gewissen Aufgaben bestochen wurde. Ich hoffe, euch geht’s auch gut, hab‘ euch lieb, bis ganz bald ~Karo

P.P.P.P.S.: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag lieber Papa! Ich hab‘ dDich lieb und freue mich, Dich bald wieder zu sehen. ~Falk

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