The other side of Lisbon

Date: 20th of November 2023
Position: Lisbon
Geographical Position: 38°40,9’N 9°12,9’W
Etmal: 0
Total: 1141
Ship: Pelican of London

Gruppenfoto Lissabon

Morning Training

In the morning, we continued with the sail training. Group A engaged in knots training with the Bosuns, and Ben provided buoy introductions to group B. After completing that, Ali informed group B about life jackets and what to do in an emergency. At the same time, Stephen gave a presentation to group A about cold shock and heat stroke. After group A concluded their discussion with Stephen, group B had their talk with him, while group A went to discuss safety equipment with Ali.


Following all these training sessions, we took a walk to the Big Jesus statue. We walked for 45 minutes to reach the statue. Upon arrival, we had 30 minutes to explore and ascend to the top of the statue. A notable downside was that we had to pay eight euros to use the elevator and access the platform.

Afterward, we walked back, and on the way, we had some free time to visit supermarkets or drop off mail at the post station.

Christian Radich

Upon arriving at the Pelican, Tobi mentioned that anyone interested could go and observe the other sailing ship on our port side. We interacted with sailors from the Christian Radich (which is twice as fast as the Pelican!!!). Tobi managed to arrange for us to visit their ship tomorrow.

We also want to provide you with information about what we learned today in the buoy introductions training. There are starboard and port buoys. The starboard buoy is green, as is its light. The port buoy is red, with the light also being red. In addition to these two buoys, there are north, east, south, and west buoys.

These buoys are known as cardinal marks, marking unsafe areas. They always mark the outer points of the unsafe area. If there is a small unsafe area, such as a rock not visible in the water, you use the isolated danger mark. There is also a buoy that marks a safe entrance to a passage. This buoy is called a safe water mark. Special areas, such as those with munitions or a beach or a pipeline construction, are marked with the yellow special mark.

There is also an emergency wreck marking buoy. This marks new shipwrecks after the shipwreck has been taken out of the water.


P.S.: Viele Grüße an meine Familie mir gehts gut ich freue mich auf Teneriffa

P.P.S.: Livi du scheißerchen du bist bildhübsch und metti du auch🥵🥵. Verunstaltet mal nicht mein Zimmer. Mama Papa, ihr sorgt mal bitte dafür. Ich kann Lissabon jetzt auch von meiner Liste streichen. Habe auch alle ganz doll lieb und vermisse euch dicker fetter Schmatzer 😘😘

P.P.P.S.: Viele Grüße auch an meine Familie in Hannover. Hab‘ heute den Wetterbericht von Deutschland gesehen — ganz schön kalt bei euch oder? 🙂

P.P.P.P.S.: Ganz ganz viele Grüße an alle!
~ Karoline

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