The Pelican is on the way back home

Date: 17.03.2024
Nautical Position: 29°35N 74°01 W
Etmal: 167 nm
Total: 8608 nm
Ship: Pelican of London

Schüler:innen sitzen an Deck


Today was Sunday, so we had a happy hour in the morning. There we had to clean the whole ship. In the afternoon, many of us used the time to chill, go climbing or help the bosuns.

First aid lesson

At 15:00 we could take a first aid lesson with Claire, our medic. It was very interesting: We learned when we should go to help and to always look after ourselves first. Afterwards, we learned what we have to do if someone is unconscious. If they were breathing, we learned the recovery position. For when a person isn’t breathing anymore, we learned how to do chest compressions or use a defibrillator. Claire told us that she wanted to continue to teach us first aid and we’re all looking forward to it.

Schüler:innen während Unterricht an Deck

Man overboard

In the evening we had a man overboard exercise. For this, we put our dummy overboard and then the alarm started after some loud shouts of „MAN OVERBOARD“. We went to our muster stations and after we mustered, we had to take down all the sails and turn around to go back to the dummy. Then Janice had to put a life jacket on and make herself fast on the Gantline and then go in the water to retrieve the dummy inside. All went well and we had our dummy back, not sure if he’s alive though.

Now we are on our way back home, so I asked some people about how they feel:

What is the thing you will miss the most at home?

Anna L.: Being at sea. Having the ocean around oneself and the feeling of being alone in this whole wide area. The freedom.

Emma: I guess just always having a person around me I can speak to whatever time it is.

Greta: The freedom at sea, my new friends here and funny night watches! And also just the special, sometimes exhausting lifestyle onboard.

Lou: First of all the adventures and people, but I think it’s gonna be weird sitting in a quiet room at home with no one around. After six months you simply get used to the constant noise around you.

What do you look forward to the most being home again?

Anna L.: The food and the people at home.

Emma: I’m really looking forward to doing sports. I must say this is really something which I miss here.

Greta: My family and friends! And I‘m also excited to see how my life will develop afterward. And: Sleeping long on the weekends😄

Lou: The food and the people for sure, but also being able to plan your own day and not having to live after a strict timetable all the time.

What is the thing that you always keep in mind when you think about Ocean College?

Anna L.: The whole adventure and everything I‘ve learned.

Emma: All the beautiful moments I had with friends here. I name them ‘Polaroid Moments‘. It is every time I recon the luck I have to be here.

Greta: I think just the whole journey.

Lou: I think I will always keep the stunning views, high on a mountain looking down at the sea, on the yards of our ship, or inside a canyon, in mind.

P.S.: Papa, ich wünsche Dir alles Gute zu Deinem Geburtstag heute! Ich wünsche Dir, dass Du einen wunderschönen Tag hattest und etwas Feines unternommen hast. Vielleicht warst Du ja mit Mama lecker essen. Alles Liebe, Luise

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