The top five surf spots

Date: 10th October 2023
Position: Essaouira, Morocco
Geographical Position: 31° 31’ N, 9° 46’ W
Etmal: 0 nm
Total: 1151 nm
Ship: Pelican of London

After the daily breakfast, we were split into the A and B groups. The A group was the first who went surfing; in the meantime, group B had some free time. After two hours, group B went surfing. Today the waves were bigger than last time and some of us started to surf sideways with the waves.

To round off the weekend, we had a movie night and a few snacks instead of dinner. We watched “Gladiator,” a rather brutal movie that plays during the time of the Romans.

The history of surfing

The first surfers were the Polynesians, who spread surfing through their travels, which included Hawaii. When Hawaii was settled in the tenth century, surfing already existed, so it is probably much older. The explorer James Cook discovered Hawaii in 1778, where he observed the locals surfing. With the founding of the first Hawaiian surf club, an era that has not ended to this day spread across the entire world.

Top Surfspots

France, Hossegor:

The beach between Biarritz and Mimizan is cold the „Surfing capital of Europe.“ The beach is famous for her big wave „La Graviere,“ where even surfing professionals from all over the world come to ride the waves.

Hawaii, Oahu:

In winter, the waves reach up to 15 meters. Because of the special rocks, enormous wave tubes are formed, which can only be crossed by experienced surfers. The highlight of the surfing season is the big surfing competition, the “Triple Crown of Surfing,” between November and December.

Hawaii, Maui:

The sandy beach, the rainforest and the volcanic rocks are a true paradise. But the waves off the coast are also very beautiful for surfing and reach up to 20 meters.

South Africa, Jeffrey’s Bay:

This surfing spot is very famous and is also the film set for the famous surfing movie “Endless Summer.” Here the waves are not big but long; the waves can be surfed for hundreds of meters. That’s why some surfing competitions take place at the super tubes. But it’s also not entirely without risk because there are sharks in the bay.

Mexico, Puerto Escondido:

The high season is very long from March to October. A bigger challenge is the changing waves. One day they are big and one day they are smaller but stronger. This is a challenge that professional surfers like to take on.

P.S. Friedrich Voss: Hallo 🙋, mir geht es sehr gut. Wir sind hier jetzt noch bis Dienstag in Essaouira und gehen dann wieder aufs Schiff. Surfen macht total Spaß und ist gar nicht so schwer. Ich vermisse euch.
Euer Friedrich.

P.P.S. Hallöchen an alle! ~ Karo

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