Tips and Tricks – How to survive OC

Date: 16.04.2024
Geographical Position: 38°32.2′ N 029°20.2′ W
Etmal: 150 nm
Total: 12074 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

I write this daily report with the background of my own experiences. I want to share some of my life (watch) hacks from the last six months.


The most will get seasick, only some of you will not be seasick and some of you will have it every time you go on sea. I’ve learned here that eating and drinking is necessary, no matter how sick you feel. A trick is, to stand the hole day outside and after your evening or night-watch you go to bed. After such a day you will be tired enough to fall asleep.


On the Packliste will stand to only bring clothes with you that can get dusty or break. But you don’t spend your whole time on board busy with sailhandling or watch. You will also have extraordinary free-shore leaves or party’s.

So my tip is, to pack also clothes you would wear at home and in wich you feel comfortable as well as self confident. I will tell you a secret: In the end of the journey you don’t have 36 different wardrobes, you will have only one big one.


A good recommendation for the beginning is to bring your own snacks with you wich you like the most. On board snacks will turn into a new currency for everything. You also need them for (night-)watches, to get energy and stay awake. I recommend protein bars, cookies, instant pasta, gummy bears and other little sweet things. But you have to be fast and silent while eating, otherwise everyone will come to have something.

Last day at sea

Today it is the last day at sea, the last day we are sailing, the last day we have to do lookout. It’s incredibly. On the chart we see the positions we made 6 months ago. We past the first points of our way, the watergate and the driveway of Amsterdam. I can’t get that this all was 180 days ago, but it is like it is.

The magical number today is three. Three days until we are in the arms of our family’s. On board we planned the last Deep-clean and how we want to pack our stuff. The most of us are now busy writing their goodbye letters in the evening.

Greetings: Lenara: Freu‘ mich euch wiederzusehen, Familie. Wärt ihr so lieb und könntet mir das weiße Langarm Shirt mitbringen? Eure Weltenseglerin, bis Samstag.

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