We were all in the same boat

Date: 17.04.2024
Nautical position: 45°36‘9N, 018°20‘9W
Geographical position: North Atlantic
Total: 11785 nm
Etmal: 92 nm
Ship: Pelican of London

Now that our voyage is slowly coming to an end we are more and more realizing (as you‘ve probably noticed) how special and unique our time has been.

No one except people who have done Ocean College themselves can really relate to our experiences. That’s why this daily report is especially for former participants who sailed on the Peli.

Probably not many of them are reading these daily reports but if there are some it’s maybe nice being reminded what a great time you had and the feeling of just being here.

Of course every journey is totally different for everyone individually. We don’t have the same people around us and even the ones that did the same year of Ocean College don’t all share the same experiences and the same mindset but one thing, which is the sailing, doesn’t change.

Our home was the Peli for the past six months and even if she is an old and rusty lady and from time to time does not completely function she was there for all of us.

We all know the secret which is on top of the main mast.

We all know the freedom feeling you get on the T‘Gallant platform, when you are so close to everyone, that you can hear them talking and listening to music but it still feels like you are somewhere totally else.

We all know that the port side of the wheelhouse is warm which is especially on a cold night-watch very relevant.

We all know the struggle to find and put on our musto gear in between everyones in the Greenmile.

We all know the panic when the toilets won’t flush even when you preflushed before.

We all know the smell from the black water tank that once in a while flies over the poop deck and the smell which greets you as you pass by the boys cabins.

We all know the quietness which becomes so present when the generators are getting switched or turned off.

We all know the feeling when you’re doing the dishes and the wind comes trough the portholes right in your face and gives you a nice refreshment.

We all know the watertight doors especially the one from the laundry which can quickly turn into a life threat.

We all know the waves which are sometimes your best friend and bring you to sleep but can also be your biggest enemy, turning the floor or the tables into a slide and stealing your sleep or food.

We all know the freezing cold watches in the middle of the night, the seasickness but we’ve also seen beautiful sunsets, rises, impressive clouds and thousands of stars.

During six months on the Pelican of London you get to know most of her secrets and this list could go on forever.

But even when the journey comes to an end, these memories will stay with us until the rest of our lives.

In the last days Tamsin wrote (with help from Julius) a shanty that describes exactly the feelings that I wanted to explain during this daily report so I thought I would share it here:

It’s the melody from „Donkey Riding“…

Sailing on the Peli
Was you ever on the deck,
Cold wet rain right down your neck, thinking What the bleeding heck?
Sailing on the Peli!
Way hey and away we go, Pelicanoes! Pelicanoes!
Way hey and away we go, Pelican of London!

Was you ever in Biscay
Throwing chunks up all the day wondering if you’re gonna stay
Sailing on the Peli!
Way-hey, etc…

Was you ever on the bow
Wishing for some dolphins now?
As through the waves the ship does plough
Sailing on the Peli!
Way hey, etc…

Was you ever at the wheel
With twenty eight degrees of heel trying to ignore how sick you feel?
Sailing on the Peli!
Way hey, etc…

Was you ever on the Royal
Stowing sail with friends so loyal?
With some help it’s much less toil
Sailing on the Peli!
Way hey, etc…

Was you ever up ‚til midnight
With the moon shining so bright
Sparkling on a sea so slight
Sailing on the Peli!
Way-hey, etc…

Was you ever up twelve til four
Staring up at stars galore?
Wished you had a nap before!
Sailing on the Peli!
Way-hey, etc..

Was you ever on four til eight
Necking coffee like the Mate hoping your reliefs aren’t late
Sailing on the Peli!
Way-hey, etc…

Was you ever on the ocean
Lulled to sleep by gentle motion
Wishing you had worn sun lotion
Sailing on the Peli!
Way-hey, etc…

Was you ever back ashore
Wishing that you were once more
Where you found a home before
Sailing on the Pell!
Way-hey, etc… x2

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